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a doctrine and practice within the Church of England emphasizing the Catholic tradition

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The majority of those studied were by evangelical Anglicans and Presbyterians, but a few were by Anglo-Catholics or Roman Catholics.
Moreover, for many adherents, Anglo-Catholic Christian Socialism was also a vital part of the Catholic polemic against supposed Protestant individualism and puritanism.
However, when Father Sidney Barker took over in 1936 the ban was lifted although like the first vicar, Father John Burn, he was a committed Anglo-Catholic.
But I was looking for a city centre parish, with a high church, Anglo-Catholic, tradition, and somewhere realistic for a priest at my stage in a career.
Edward Pusey represents the Anglo-Catholic Victorians, for whom the church fathers provided the lens for reading the Bible.
In remarks that would have a lasting effect on his reputation, Eliot rather glibly explained that his "general point of view" was "classicist in literature, royalist in politics, and anglo-catholic in religion" Largely because of this quotable statement, most serious readers of Eliot's work are aware that he was Anglo-Catholic.
A high standard of services in the Anglo-Catholic tradition have helped to more than double the congregation and St German's is alive with activities and support for the people of Cardiff.
The religiously conservative Anglo-Catholic officials seek information to incriminate other women connected to the opposing radical factions within the court, and they represent her as a heretic who has tried their patience and mercy beyond the limits of reason.
What does it matter whether Tony Blair is Anglo-Catholic, Buddhist, Plymouth Brethren or Yogic flier?
As a child, I read Lives of Saints for Children, given to me by an Anglo-Catholic godmother.
She has produced a work akin to her lives of other women whose spiritual depths have the power to inspire: Evelyn Underhill, the Anglo-Catholic spiritual and religious writer and pacifist, and the more famed Catholic writer Maisie Ward, who was also half of the publishing duo Sheed & Ward.
That is what has happened to the once noble but now decaying remains of the Anglo-Catholic movement within the CofE.
There is room for high church and Anglo-Catholic as well as evangelical.
Stanley reveals the surprising extent to which the conference was shaped by Anglo-Catholic partisans.