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the French (Norman) language used in medieval England


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His purpose is to examine a series of prose chronicle histories written in Anglo-Norman French during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.
After 1066, Anglo-Norman French became the official language of legal proceedings.
This quotation is a reminder that the Prose Brut reached its most fully developed form not in English but in Anglo-Norman French. Though the role of French in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century English society is still a matter of vigorous debate, there is good evidence that its use went beyond the aristocracy and the law-courts, and that it had become a widely-used language of culture.
Several caveats should be voiced before we scrutinize Glowka's glossing of the sailing lexicon of Anglo-Norman French. Although Wace was a native of the island of Jersey and may well have had first-hand experience of sailing in the Channel, we cannot say how sure was his grasp of the detail of actual sailing techniques, even though he might have heard and retained the related terminology.
However, John, who teaches Anglo-Norman French at the University of Liverpool as well as his pilot duties, believes he has come across the real meaning of the name.
They hold transcripts of charters, patent rolls, escheats, wills, petitions and other family, legal and land records, written in Anglo-Norman French, Latin and old English.