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the French (Norman) language used in medieval England


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Estrens is derived from Old Norse strengr 'cable, anchor cable' and is the first of numerous terms that Anglo-Norman French inherited from the "Northmen" who settled the future Normandy.
The term uitages, with a variety of spellings, is always found in the plural in Anglo-Norman French.
The presence of some 20 Norse-derived terms in the Anglo-Norman French of the passage studied above is ample proof of such transfers in the centuries following the Norsemen's occupation and settlement of Neustria.
Traditionally thought to have been compiled sometime between 1271 and 1283,(1) the manuscript contains over eighty texts in three languages: English, Anglo-Norman French, and Latin.
They hold transcripts of charters, patent rolls, escheats, wills, petitions and other family, legal and land records, written in Anglo-Norman French, Latin and old English.