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a person of English citizenship born or living in India

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Postcolonial urban realities have seen the Anglo-Indians transformed into a community that belonged nowhere, and signaled their desperate struggle to keep their cultural identity alive in an adverse urban setting.
Kent approaches these and several other texts as records of the hopes, fears, and complex relations that emerged between British India, Britain, and the local population, alongside the tensions that marked the relationships between Anglo-Indians and colonial administrators.
The first Anglo-Indians are, therefore, descendants of the Portuguese who were the first Europeans to come to India, that is more than five centuries ago.
THIS ARTICLE SEEKS TO EXPLAIN HOW FANTASY IS EMPLOYED IN A SHORT story in a metafictional manner to demonstrate the symptoms of unconscious dithering in the minds of a racially and culturally mixed community called the Anglo-Indians.
Surrounded by orchards and slender sal trees, McCluskieganj was founded by Timothy McCluskie in the 1930s as a settlement for Anglo-Indians, who were shunned equally by the Indians and the British.
The Globe-trotter is typical of those who come to India and try to impose their ignorantly liberal ideas upon the country: and Kipling's audience would no doubt have thought of the Ilbert Bill at this point, whose attempted introduction four years before had provoked mutinous rage amongst conservative Anglo-Indians and their British sympathizers.
The Anglo-Indians are a different kind of legacy, many now living in wretched conditions, but still with names like Yvonne, Linda and Sylvia.
He then uncovered six generations of McGowans who were all Anglo-Indians, born and bred in India.
18) The sisters remember their grandmother being concerned that if they became too tan, the brown-eyed girls might be mistaken for Anglo-Indians.
Kaye's militaristic narratives of Empire and imperial heroes--morally and religiously pure men who are carefully and deliberately defined apart from those Indians and Anglo-Indians who inevitably fell short of his ideal.
During the 1857 Mutiny, Anglo-Indians remained loyal
When Claire mourns the disappearing tiger populations, she is also mourning another disappearing breed, namely the Anglo-Indians, or the mixed race of British-Indian people, of whom the character Charlotte Blake is representative, as she lives out her days in genteel destitution.
While Music of the Raj is essentially a historical study, it is also an example of historical ethoomusicology in t hat it emphasizes the relationship of cultural and social patterns of Anglo-Indians to the musical practices they maintained.
It was important to launch `Cotton Mary' in India, since it tells an unknown facet of postcolonial Indian history about the Anglo-Indians living in the southern part of India in Kerala," said Merchant, who also organized a one-week Merchant-Ivory film festival around India to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Merchant-Ivory banner.
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