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a person of English citizenship born or living in India

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"In the old day there was a mindset that we were between the Britishers and the Indians," says Bridget White-Kumar, an Anglo-Indian living in the city of Bengaluru.
Bishton Hall and (clockwise from top left) a painting in the style of Carlo Moretti, the "moustached warrior" garden statue, an Anglo-Indian gilt lacquer chestand one of the hall's magnificent rooms
The issue that haunted the European perception of the Anglo-Indian was the fact that "most light-skinned offspring could pass as Europeans" (173).
One is its attention to Anglo-Indian literature, which, as Kent points out, is a distinct genre referring to "works written by Britons living in India" (113).
The Constitutional requirement of nominating two members of the Anglo-Indian community to the Lower House of Parliament has not yet been fulfilled.
Born to Anglo-Indian parents, he was encouraged by his dad to develop a lifelong passion for music, sparked by his early introduction to the sounds of Buddy Holly and Don McLean.
An Empire of Small Places: Mapping the Southeastern Anglo-Indian Trade, 1732-1795.
The girl's role is of an Anglo-Indian, who speaks with a thick accent.
We began with Muligatawny soup (Dh41), a quintessential Anglo-Indian cuisine.
In February 2012, an Anglo-Indian woman was allegedly raped by a group of youths who befriended her in a night club in the area.
The book contains four chapters on Thomas Gray; Wales, public poetry, and the politics of collective voice; Scotland and the invention of voice; and impersonating native voices in Anglo-Indian poetry.
However, that statement affects Anglo-Indian relations - and it can hardly hurt them - the fact that it can be made with confidence speaks volumes about the power of science in the age of genetics to illuminate our history.
This gave rise to the cabinet making workshops which were established in PRICEY: This 19th century Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam ivory work and writing box sold for PS850 Vizagapatam (between Calcutta and Madras).
Known as the "King of Romance," the Anglo-Indian singer, who was born Arnold George Dorsey, gained international fame with such hits as "Release Me," "The Last Waltz" and "A Man Without Love."
Food: Jungle Hut serves some great homemade Anglo-Indian food; and Ooty Coffee House has the best masala dosa and filter coffee in the world!
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