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a person of English citizenship born or living in India

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For example, Josephine characterized her accent as more Anglo-Indian than her mother's more "metropolitan" British accent, but she contradicted her husband Charles' complimentary characterization of her as "more Anglo-Indian than British.
Duncan is skillful at drawing Anglo-Indian society in the first years of the twentieth century.
Kaye's militaristic narratives of Empire and imperial heroes--morally and religiously pure men who are carefully and deliberately defined apart from those Indians and Anglo-Indians who inevitably fell short of his ideal.
Anglo-Indian historians characterize the period before the close of
Of central importance is the Fowke family, whose letters to friends and colleagues provide an abundant source of information about Anglo-Indian musical life in the last two decades of the eighteenth century.
The Anglo-Indian paper of Lahore, which represents the official view, itself wrote to the effect that the people came forward one after another to face the firing and when they fell wounded they were dragged back and others came forward to be shot at.
Imperial historians will be grateful for Curley's chapters on Chambers twenty-five years in India (1774-1799) because they contribute to, and qualify, our knowledge of the motives and experiences of Britons seeking to understand the complexity and fractious nature of late eighteenth-century Anglo-Indian politics and political culture, and to establish themselves and the East India Company more firmly on the Indian subcontinent.
Jaffrey's Cotton Mary, so named for her preference for wearing clothes made of British fabric, is a nurse of Anglo-Indian ancestry living on the subcontinent's tropical Malabar Coast.
Cotton Mary, Merchant's fourth directorial venture (which opens in New York on February 11), a film about the gradual destruction of an Anglo-Indian nurse obsessed with an English couple's baby in India in the '50s, continues in the same vein, albeit without Ivory and Jhabvala.
I am half Anglo-Indian, but my whole cultural background is Irish.
Through the dissemination of these and other stories, cynicism prevails in the Anglo-Indian Camp.
Rave Technologies, an Anglo-Indian software development company with IT and management consultants in London and a team of programmers in Mumbai, says that the offshore software industry is growing.
In this instance, conflicting Anglo-Indian concepts of land usage were transferred into self-fulfilling racial attitudes about Indians in particular and non-Whites in general.
His friend Kipling fares better, perhaps because, according to Dr Low, in the subject-matter and artistic technique of his Indian writing he can be seen to debunk the Empire which his readership, defined as the culturally distinct Anglo-Indian community, wanted to uphold.
Whereas The Imperialist (1904), Duncan's Canadian novel, received negative reviews, Set in Authority, a novel of darker complexion concerned with cultural and political conflict in Anglo-Indian society, was a critical success.
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