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a person of English citizenship born or living in India

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Given the varied and often idiosyncratic nature of Stokes's scholarship such contextualization and clarity are essential in making this book accessible to readers, few of whom are likely to be as au fait with Sanskrit, the "Celtic" languages and Anglo-Indian Law as Stokes was.
Mr Cameron has been busy in India this week promoting Anglo-Indian trade - but would India be so keen to deal with us if we were no longer a gateway to Europe?
In 1997, the Queen laid a wreath at the memorial and described the massacre as a "distressing" example of the "moments of sadness" in Anglo-Indian history.
In its fantasy of an Anglo-Indian relationship of "cooperation," one more suited to the already fantastic Gunga Din (also released in 1939) than to a film actually set in 1938, The Rains Came is undone by its very setting in contemporary India.
Pepper water' is the meaning behind the name of this Anglo-Indian dish.
Known as the "King of Romance," the Anglo-Indian singer, who was born Arnold George Dorsey, gained international fame with such hits as "Release Me," "The Last Waltz" and "A Man Without Love.
Food: Jungle Hut serves some great homemade Anglo-Indian food; and Ooty Coffee House has the best masala dosa and filter coffee in the world
Also, he's an Anglo-Indian symbol of multiculturalism and a good advert for working past retirement age.
The Sahibs and the Natives: A Study of Guilt and Pride in Anglo-Indian and Indo-Anglian Novels.
Many of his critics never let a little thing like context or JC's typically barbed sense of humour get in the way of a good story, so whether he's making an incendiary comment on The One Show or allegedly setting Anglo-Indian relations back a few decades on this series, you can bet the easily offended will be ready to jam the BBC's switchboard at the drop of a hat.
ENGLAND'S T20 champs returned to winning ways thanks to their own Anglo-Indian secret weapons.
With the Indian plastics industry having one of the highest growth rates in the world, it is of increasing interest in terms of Anglo-Indian partnerships.
It proved a landmark day for Anglo-Indian relations in Dorset.
I like to read books on history and particularly Anglo-Indian history.
Resplendent on the back cover was a picture showing a fine miniature Anglo-Indian bone and horn pedestal chess table complete with appropriately sized ivory chess set, which seems a snip at pounds 300-pounds 500.
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