New Hebrides

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a volcanic island republic in Melanesia

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On his return, he saw Samuel and gave him a plan for an Anglo-French condominium for Palestine with Britain guaranteeing a charter for the Zionists.
His rally call to the people--`Egyptian for the Egyptians'--threatened the Anglo-French condominium over the Suez Canal, the commercial interests of exporters of Egyptian cotton and tobacco, and the financial interests of European bondholders, of whom the British Liberal Prime Minister, W.E.
It was Vanuatu's history as an Anglo-French condominium (1906-1980) and the global conclusions that might be drawn from this unique episode in colonial rule, that attracted Miles to an approximate total of one year's fieldwork in the country from May 1991 to August 1992.
Given his confidence about French defenses and the power of the Anglo-French condominium, Stalin was much less interested in alliance formation in the months leading up to Guderian's blitz than he likely otherwise would have been (Christensen 1997).
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