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the French (Norman) language used in medieval England


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In this section, we provide interesting etymological examples of Anglo-French word formation that highlight the art and magic of word coinage in the English language, a coinage that occasionally verges on sheer mistakes, if not ignorance.
The author of "A Line in the Sand: the Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948" admits that the bitter rivalry between Britain and France ignited a powder keg in the Middle East that fueled the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The Poles would be scratching their heads right now as to how far the Anglo-French deal is going to cut across what they want do in their Presidency.
At the Anglo-French summit in London, the two leaders are signing far-reaching treaties which will commit their forces to operating together for decades to come.
England surpassed the 56-8 massacre at Toulouse last season - the previous highest away win in 75 years of Anglo-French Tests.
But Anglo-French rivalry is still very much a part of real-life politics.
It seems that many US leaders--both military and civilian--like to invoke the Anglo-French appeasement of Hitler's Nazi Germany at the Munich conference of September-October 1938.
Second seeds Debbie and Jordanne Whiley (Warwickshire) beat the Anglo-French top seeded partnership of Susan Paisley (Lancashire) and Muriel Ellisalde (France) 6-3, 6-3.
FRANKIE DETTORI'S great Anglo-French Derby double has been widely referred to as equalling the achievement of great predecessors Lester Piggott, Willie Carson and Pat Eddery, who also completed the same-season double.
Tournament organisers have vowed to press ahead with plans for a "European club rugby tournament" next season - despite the damaging Anglo-French boycott.
This article was originally undertaken to note the fiftieth anniversary of the Suez Affair, the November 1956 Anglo-French invasion of Egypt, which, although originally headed for rapid success, was quickly halted by a combination of political and economic pressure.
For the Anglo-French team--it is based in Enstone near Oxford in the UK, where more than 500 engineers are employed and at Viry-Chatillon, 20 km south of Paris, where 250 people work on the design, development and operation of the Formula One engines--the new car represented a number of challenges.
The plane's origins stem from when England and France worked closely to produce sever significant Anglo-French aircraft back in the 1960s.
Even if the article had not thus crudely conflated England and Britain (or the United Kingdom), it is almost unbelievable that any serious consideration of Anglo-French relations prior to 1707 could entirely ignore the Scottish and Welsh dimensions.
It has undergone successful trials at Gatwick and a similar product is already in use with Anglo-French rail operator Eurotunnel.
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