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an American who was born in Britain or one whose ancestors were British

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As the title promises, Havers examines Strauss's legacy in the context of Anglo-American democracy.
The topics include understanding the cultural sinews of the Anglo-American special relationship, transatlantic diplomacy and global states, climate change and post-Cold War Anglo-American environmental politics, evaluating contemporary Anglo-American intelligence and security cooperation, and the nuclear dimension.
The first focuses on gender and established Anglo-American and Native American definitions of manhood.
Anglo-American announced a number of changes across its businesses to create a more streamlined management structure and further focus the group on its core-mining portfolio.
In his new book, Allies in War, part of the publisher's series on modern warfare, Mark Stoler examines the relationship between the United States and Great Britain during the Second World War and attacks the assumption of a harmonious Anglo-American coalition.
He's perhaps most recognized for his evocative images of Southern California--swimming pools, desert landscapes, and nubile young men--but gay Anglo-American artist David Hockney has been painting portraits for 50 years.
Another is more current, reflecting the contemporary interest in eliding the nationalist gap separating British and American thought to treat the Atlantic World as a fundamentally single unit embracing a common literary and linguistic culture; insofar as the slave trade was a joint Anglo-American activity this perspective is particularly relevant to Gould's project.
Anglo-American Strategic Relations and the Far East, 1933-1939, by Greg Kennedy.
The author analyzes and rejects many stereotypes commonly held by mainstream Anglo-American society in the United States.
This paper appraises aspects of Anglo-American and Chinese concepts of invention from a historical perspective.
In the UK the performance of building materials group Tarmac 'improved significantly' as the integration of the business bought by Anglo-American for pounds 1.2 billion two years ago neared completion.
culture is no exception For example, the most familiar internal contradiction in the United States is thai between Anglo-American beliefs about equality of opportunity and universal rights, on the one hand, and racism and Anglo ethnocentrism, on the other.
Since its upliftment in 1980, St Matthew's typifies the numerous philanthropic gestures to disadvantaged black's made by the Anglo-American Chairman's Fund, established to help black communities counter the devastation of apartheid.
Blood, Class, and Nostalgia: Anglo-American Ironies
The varieties of Latin, Germanic, and Anglo-American systems are reviewed; the question of whether corporate governance in Europe is experiencing convergence or divergence is considered; recent reforms and transformations are described, with a number of papers exploring the impact of the Anglo-American practice of shareholder value on non-Anglo-American systems; and the questions of executive compensation and power are explored.
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