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a person of English citizenship born or living in India

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The second group of Anglo Indian boxes were made in sandalwood and veneered in ivory, tortoiseshell, horn or quills.
Along with his recovered Anglo Indian identity, Savage acquires another identity: that of a victim.
In other words, she represents those English whom Savage and many other Anglo Indian writers blame for being ignorant and incompetent in political affairs.
It is the name of a new carrier being proposed by Anglo Indian businessman Dave Bance, to operate Boeing 777s between Heathrow and non-metro destinations in India.
On a more exotic note Bombay Bangers is launching Quick Curry Fix speciality Indian sausages based on Anglo Indian recipes from the days of the Raj.
The song is called Stood Up and it used to get a bit of airplay in the days when Radio Ceylon ruled the airwaves - at least in nearly every Anglo Indian household in South India.
Tenders are invited for Construction of community hall existing anglo indian bhavan at padmanabha nagar in ward no.
Tenders are invited for upgradation of coastal roads in ernakulam district anglo indian east chilangara karayamvattom-rationkada palli vavakkadu vayanasala kunjithai kothalam roads of vadkkekara panchayath in paravoor constituency