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Synonyms for Anglo-Saxon

a native or inhabitant of England prior to the Norman Conquest

a person of Anglo-Saxon (especially British) descent whose native tongue is English and whose culture is strongly influenced by English culture as in WASP for 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestant'

English prior to about 1100

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Anglo Saxon pottery, loom weights and metal working residues have all been recovered from the site, which has also yielded several Iron Age roundhouses, ditches and pit alignments, which were used as land divisions.
There is no doubt the Anglo Saxon world was a harsh one.
Yesterday he showed off a pristine 11th century Anglo Saxon coin with what appeared to be the head of Edward the Confessor stamped on it.
The 'serpentine line' favoured by the Anglo Saxons also found expression in 18th century gardens as it did in the paintings of Hogarth and Blake.
A priest of colour with considerable training and experience went to an Anglican church to enquire about a position and was told, "We are Anglo Saxon.
In the light of the creativity and anxieties expressed by the Anglo Saxon translators of the Bible, Stanton concludes this chapter with a brief consideration of the question of whether Bible translation can serve as a paradigm for translation generally.
A Whiggish master narrative of the onward march of liberty was reinforced with a racist celebration of the Anglo Saxon heritage as the warrant of true Englishness.
STANDING in the background of all the column inches written in recent weeks by politicians, museums and curators wanting to bask in the reflected glory of the Anglo Saxon Princess Exhibition at the Kirkleatham Musuem, is an unassuming man.
The cathedral's priceless Anglo Saxon sculpture, the Lichfield Angel, which is believed to date to around 780, will also be redisplayed when the touring Staffordshire Hoard exhibition runs at the cathedral from July 30 to August 22.
ANCESTORS: The Warrior (Sonnie Raee), and Alex Penman,10, in Anglo Saxon guise Pictures: COLIN LANE
From looking at DNA Sir Walter discovered that three quarters of the regional gene pool tested in the North East matches the Anglo Saxon genetic signature.
A LUCKY decorator found an Anglo Saxon gold ring worth pounds 10,000 while clearing hedge trimmings in his garden.
THE BATTLE is on to keep a priceless Royal Anglo Saxon hoard of jewels and other precious items on Teesside.
Theod, an Anglo Saxon living-history re-enactment group, will be at the Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields on Saturday and Sunday.
A replica of a 750BC bronze sword, with a distinctive brass discoloration on the blade, was also taken as was a silver case containing objects dating from Anglo Saxon, Viking and Medieval times.
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