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Synonyms for Anglo-Catholicism

a doctrine and practice within the Church of England emphasizing the Catholic tradition

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Tucker was influenced by the more Anglo Catholic side of the Anglican Church and, in particular, by the Christian Socialist movement of the late nineteenth century.
One should add that there is no such body as 'the Anglo Catholic Church' to which Eliot was converted.
Parishioners in a well-to-do, predominantly Anglo Catholic community who make an obvious change in Communion lines to avoid receiving the Body and Blood of Christ from a Nigerian celebrant, who is struggling to belong to and fit in the parish family he is serving.
He was inspired to be a priest and serve in Ely by the words of Bishop Frank Weston at the Anglo Catholic Congress in 1923: "You have got your mass, you have got your altar, you have begun to get your tabernacle.
The differences between how Latino and Anglo Catholics respond to the sex abuse crisis, however, blurs when looking at the younger generation, which is more likely to opt for leaving the church altogether, regardless of ethnicity.