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Synonyms for Anglicisation

the act of anglicizing

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Bottles labelled with Anglified names such as Penfold, Best and Wynn didn't go down well with the wine-buying public because the wines came from places like Coonawarra!
The social foibles and hypocrisies of Anglified Indians and Indianized Britons are engagingly critiqued without being morally judged.
No burritos or nachos here, no artificial, Anglified dishes like chimichangas or fajitas.
If the Lord Lyon wasn't so Anglified, he would know all this.
``I am an Anglified Scot and am genuinely sorry to be leaving Birmingham,'' he said.
Lownie has rightly rejected the notion that Buchan was a snobbish and eventually rather anglified Scotsman on the make.
It would have been about as much use as a modern-day clan chief - one of that crew of anglified gentry with their strangulated vowels who are queuing up to sell their wee bit hill and glen to whichever foreigner waves the biggest cheque.
While primarily a business destination, cosmopolitan Shanghai is more accessible to foreigners than most other cities in China, with almost all roads signposted in both English and Chinese and many locals, particularly the younger people, happy to help out with Anglified directions.
The lack of Scottish bands on both bills was either just a coincidence, or a sign that Hogmanay has been Anglified beyond all recognition.