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the act of anglicizing

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With newly departed Bobby Gould gone, the Welsh purists seeking to reverse the trend towards Anglification would have been less than heartened by the staging of the game at Anfield.
At the same time, it is also well known that the political ambition to protect French culture from Americanization or Anglification is high.
"This suggests the Anglification of our country has gone further than anyone imagined."
Chatterjee argues that nation builders desire to preserve "inner," or spiritual, elements - language, custom, and religion - from the influences of Anglification, but that they wish to erase difference in the "outer," or material, realms; for instance, in application of the law, development of economies, and access to education.
Joad, who chose for his Anglification strategy the perfection of a faultless expository English prose in the field of philosophy).