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Men like Bell and Rush helped create a vital conduit for the anglicizing literature on which the project of the sensible self drew inspiration.
Since no other books existed on anglicizing Yiddish, Levy developed her own spellings: coogle for kugel, luzion for lokshin.
What sets Gloria Italiano's translation apart is a provision for cultural and temporal differences, achieved by anglicizing and modernizing Collodi's tale.
As in Translations, in which an ordnance survey signaled the anglicizing of Ireland's place names and--more ominously--the end of the Irish language, this racial categorizing portends grave losses to humanity.
The author has the maddening habit of anglicizing Italian names: of course Petrarca becomes Petrarch, but then the well-known Egidio becomes the puzzling Giles of Viterbo.
theatrical market will receive little momentum from Miramax's Anglicizing of Roberto Benigni's Oscar-winning "Life Is Beautiful.
Himes's useful introduction to this reprint of Mohler's Symbolik in Robinson's 1843 translation acknowledges the difficulty of adequately Anglicizing the German title but helpfully puts the reader's focus on the remarkable quality of the content, which anticipates some significant twentieth-century developments in Roman Catholic teaching.
The other, which focuses on the anglicizing of education in the Catholic schools of Hong Kong, raises this salient question: Will histories written by mission societies help the local Christians of China become more conscious of their own history and selfhood; or will mission societies be concerned primarily with preserving the good name of their own congregation?