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Acadiens' was sometimes shortened to 'Cadiens' which then became anglicized to simply 'Cajun.
The colonial rulers left behind a well established, rich, English speaking, Anglicized elite it could rely on in the future.
Formerly, only women who Anglicized their names -- such as Jo Raquel Tajada aka Raquel Welch -- pulled that off.
It took colonization (most thoroughly expressed by Edmund Spenser) as the driving transformative force in early modern Ireland, but Ohlmeyer here opts for something more general: the creation of an Anglicized elite in that capitalist colonial setting.
And Carmen Zapata emerged from behind the anglicized mask that she and so many other actors had felt compelled to wear as they maneuvered through the slipper}' slope of an acting career.
So the Dubuissons anglicized their brand name to "Bush" and focused on production of a 12% abv amber beer in a hybrid British/Belgian style.
Men that were highly Anglicized versions of Indians, living in densely populated urban centres of modernization such as Calcutta, Bombay and Poona, and thus were increasingly removed from the traditional roots of Indian society.
Indeed, an anglicized emerging intelligentsia would ultimately assist in the larger process of also "elevating" the Afro-Creole lower classes that were excluded from the IOJ's mandate, though their contributions to the public revenue financed its various initiatives to transform the culture of the middle class.
And now they have something of a catchphrase, which brings us to the term "capuling," which is alternatively spelled in many social media postings, especially those of Americans and Europeans, as the anglicized "capuling" or even "chappuling.
His given surname, Anglicized as "Dracula," is derived from the word meaning either "dragon" or "demon" in his native tongue.
Ranging from Miswak and rassagir (loan-words) to 'speed breaker' (coinage) and gymkhana (hybrid) a vast variety of Anglicized lexical items is found in Pakistani English newspapers.
Calling himself by the more Anglicized name of "Tony," Choe (pronounced more like "Che" or "Chae") even joined the military to defend his adopted nation and "put roots into this country.
Fogarty's recollections include details on many facets of middle class Irish farm life crafted into an Anglicized narrative via Carbery.
The manifesto was signed Andrew Berwick, an Anglicized version of his name.
The first reflects an Anglicized monocultural representation of what it means to be a "true New Zealander" derived primarily from dominant majority (NZ European or Pakeha) groups' symbols and values.