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The names of other characters were anglicized or changed, and even some genders were feminized.
And now they have something of a catchphrase, which brings us to the term "capuling," which is alternatively spelled in many social media postings, especially those of Americans and Europeans, as the anglicized "capuling" or even "chappuling.
In recognition of such discrimination, ESL teachers often recommended that immigrants take on an anglicized name.
His given surname, Anglicized as "Dracula," is derived from the word meaning either "dragon" or "demon" in his native tongue.
The country's ruling elites were most often high-caste Brahmins with a distinctly Anglicized culture.
It was not uncommon for Lebanese immigrants to have anglicized names or to only discuss their background with fellow Lebanese.
An entire Episcopal congregation could become part of the Roman Catholic Church but still remain as its own parish and use an Anglicized version of the Mass, including either the traditional or modernized Book of Common Prayer.
Fogarty's recollections include details on many facets of middle class Irish farm life crafted into an Anglicized narrative via Carbery.
The manifesto was signed Andrew Berwick, an Anglicized version of his name.
Opposition from Irish nationalists on the grounds that these proposals anglicized Ireland created an initially uncomfortable alliance that ultimately flourished in the Brothers' profession of "Faith and Fatherland" (252).
Every time somebody gets engaged, we have a party like this," said Hackman, whose name is an Anglicized version of Hakimian.
In time this practice evolved into the use of Anglicized day and event names, which translated into giving a child the name of a holiday, a day of the week or a month, in English.
Or is she to be seen as a nightingale, the name Bea has anglicized her surname into?
On 5 December 1492, the explorer Christopher Columbus came across a large island in the Caribbean Sea which he named La Isla Espanola ("the Spanish Island"), or Hispanola (later Anglicized as Hispaniola).
Bernie Schwartz sounded too Jewish for a movie actor, so the studio gave him a new name: Anthony Curtis, taken from his favorite novel, Anthony Adverse, and the Anglicized name of a favorite uncle.