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the act of anglicizing

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In substantiating his original case against monolithic Anglicization, Wolf undertakes several labor-intensive tacks: to excavate the viewpoints of everyday Irish-speaking communities, expose their multiple identities, and trace the exchanges between Irish speakers and the authorities of church and state.
The anglicization of the clergy, as Ciaran Mac Murchaidh reveals, is largely attributable to the effects of the penal laws, which meant that candidates for the priesthood were obliged to study in continental colleges, where most lost the ability to speak Irish.
Anglicization was a process of increasing the use of English as the dominant language of communication for vernacular church services and institutions.
Second, the process of anglicization required people to draw on literature and sources produced throughout the Atlantic world, making the process British, and colonial, but with a trans-Atlantic twist.
Acadiana," from which "Cajun" is a modified Anglicization, at its root refers to the idyllic place of Greek beauty and bounty, Arcadia.
Luzhky is in Belarus today, an area where Jews spoke Northeastern Yiddish and were known as "Litvaks," an Anglicization of the Yiddish word litvakes.
So the first church opera that I wrote, which was in a style that I only recently evolved, was an Anglicization of this Sumidagawa, Sumida River, which we then called Curlew River and translated it, in every sense of the word, into East Anglia--the part of England where I live.
However, the brighter outlook brought increased Anglicization and secularization.
This is a higher anglicization rate than that of francophones outside Quebec who were born in Canada.
therefore as a stance against Anglicization and the machine, and it is
19) In the early nineteenth century those sentiments, shared by William Blackwood and many of his contributors, forced Blackwood's to search for a Scottish heritage other than that of the preceding century, which, for them, was the century of skepticism, and rationalism, reckless anglicization, and Hume.
Sunny" is also an Anglicization (of his Asian name) and ironic in that he is not sunny, neither within himself nor to others, trapped with a gulf (of failure, isolation) looming before him and another behind that cuts off retreat to the past.
And while we're on the subject of overt Anglicization, it was very surprising for me to realize as a teen that most of the names we have for established countries are often not even what the people in those countries call them themselves.
Some of them will stop at nothing in their attempts to vilify almost anyone who voice their concerns at the Anglicization of the Welsh countryside.