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Synonyms for Anglicism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens


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Elaboration of a corpus of Anglicisms used in print press from Latin America.
The first ("Introduction") justifies the relevance of the study and seeks to analyse the frequency and the ways in which copywriters use anglicisms or English to communicate with audiences who either do not use English as their ordinary communication code or simply do not understand it.
The article aims at describing different interpretations of anglicisms by French and Lithuanian linguists, problematics of lexico-semantic anglicisms, and the current approach to lexico-semantic anglicisms in the French and Lithuanian languages.
Cuban Spanish word-stock was enriched by technological inventions, brands, and pastimes, and therefore, by a major assimilation of anglicisms.
which includes Anglicisms still unrecorded in Romanian dictionaries, but whose (frequent) use is certified by the current general discourse of cosmetics and body care techniques.
The topics include getting to grips with false loan and pseudo-Anglicisms, pseudo-Anglicisms in the language of the contemporary German press, pseudo-borrowings as cases of pragmatic borrowing in Norwegian, false Anglicisms in French: a measure their acceptability for English speakers, the rise of the English -ing form in modern Spanish, and drawing a distinction between false Gallicisms and adapted French borrowing in English.
Parody and playful satire transpire from the discussions about the excessive presence and abuses of anglicisms in the Italian language, use of euphemisms, journalistic cliches (there is a long list of them), insidious ways of quoting, and in general about the practice of manipulating facts.
31) She frequently inserts English words and Anglicisms into the dialogue, for example translating the word "feck" (an Irish euphemism for "fuck") as "shit," retaining the word "job" in English, and calling a second-hand car a "seconde-main" (Britt 3-14).
2001 A Dictionary of European Anglicisms: a Usage Dictionary on Anglicisms in Selected European Languages.
Of course that there are some Anglicisms that have certain advantages as compared to the native term (Adriana Stoichitoiu-Ichim speaks about precision, brevity, expressiveness, international circulation): mass-media, laptop, site, voucher, head hunting so on, so forth.
In the final decades of the previous century, and in Central and Eastern countries from 1990, there was a pan-European effort to inventory the Anglicisms that were flooding into Europe's other languages.
Go to France, listen to conversations in the street and programmes on radio and TV and you will hear anglicisms all the time.
Beyond doubt, the possible responses linked to the brief background of the term and the difficulty in translating certain anglicisms (the idiomatic issue) fall somewhat behind the priorities expressed by the experts in the panel.
In Chapter 3 ("Anglicisms in Spanish Film Magazine Cahiers du Cinema") the author analyses the lexical anglicisms excerpted from a sample of 12 issues of the Spanish edition of the cinema magazine Cahiers du Cinema over one year period (from July 2007 to July 2008).