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Synonyms for Anglicism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens


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The recurrent use of this suffix is further exemplified by selenator (< Selena Gomez) and sheeranator (< Ed Sheeran), both appearing as anglicisms in Spanish too.
Key words: tourism terminology, Anglicisms, specialized syntagms
Starting from the examples above, our analysis aims to outline any tendencies regarding the main aspects of borrowing sports anglicisms into Romanian, from adoption to adaptation, from foreignization to nativization.
The articles printed here were first presented at a conference on Anglicisms held i9n Regensburg in 2006.
Its vocabulary has archaisms and Anglicisms alien to any real Scots dialect of his day, while its grammar veers according to the demands of metre and rhyme.
More particularly, attention should be paid to avoid non-desirable linguistic interferences, such as syntactic calques or barbarisms (usually Anglicisms).
(27) The worst words of the same year were HRD (pronounced /hrd/) for hrvatski dinar 'Croatian dinar' (a monetary unit of Croatia at that time), and a number of Anglicisms like AIDS, soping centar, hardware, software, pacemaker, joystick/dzojstik (28).
As Spanish monolinguals, my family in Mexico would often correct my border languaging practices like code-switching, anglicisms, and calques.
Although there is a vast amount of literature on anglicisms in German, contrastive analyses are restricted to the studies of Yang (1990), Kettemann (2006) and Onysko & Winter-Froemel (2011) so far, and apart from Yang's attempt to describe semantic contrasts in terms of word-field theory, a theoretical framework is missing (cf.
More technically, Francisco Moreno Fernandez defines this phenomenon as a variety that reflects Anglicisms in Spanish, or Hispanisms in English, borrowings, calques, and aleatory switches and alternations that increasingly emerge in the "in-between" areas of the bilingual continuum (2004, 24).
2017 "Anglicisms and Word Axiology in Homosexual Language" RESLA: Revista Espanola de Linguistica Aplicada 30 (1): 74-102.