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Synonyms for Anglicism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens


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Finally, Markowski (2006) maintains that not only should linguists analyze Anglicisms in the Polish language, but also they should focus on borrowings from American English, i.
These anglicisms are often meant to be stylish, good for social climbing, frequently sporting terms--as in the exclusive le Jockey, the Jockey Club.
First, Farrow sets aside, after an admirably succinct discussion, the issue of Knox's putative anglicisms, arguing for nuanced possibilities regarding the extent to which Knox's writings were influenced by his knowledge of Scots.
One variable index of this struggle, or of its transcendence, is the presence of either English words, phrases, and anglicisms in Italian texts, or of Italian and Italian dialect words and phrases in English texts.
Now I'm all for protecting the proud culture of Sartre, Racine and Thierry Henry from an onslaught of Anglicisms.
She now is thankful to be able to speak at all, and reportedly peppers her speech with such anglicisms as "bloody" and "h)o.
The play was written in joual, crude slang characterized by slurred diction, old French words, curses, and anglicisms.
Two of these categorically determine gender assignment when present: (1) the biological sex of the referent and (2) the presence of a derivational suffix (or a sequence which can be interpreted as such), additionally, gender assignment for these Anglicisms responds variably to three other factors: (3) the terminal phoneme(s) of the loanword, (4) the gender of a common Spanish synonym, and (5) the gender of the Spanish hyperonym.
3) The growing popularity of legislative translation programs in universities and the provision of more and better training for Francophone drafters have eliminated anglicisms, which were formerly common, while the new acceptance of the use of pronouns often simplifies and shortens the French version of federal statutes.
Dupriez lists several: Gallicisms (French introduced into English), Anglicisms, Italianisms, Latinisms, Hebraisms, and Germanisms.
Olivier Boulnois of the Ecole Pratique in Paris speaks of anglicisms in Scotus's Latin.
Spanish workers have complained of over-use of "Es lo que es" ("It is what it is"), while the French say they cannot stand Anglicisms such as "win-win", "next step" and "brainstormer".
Anglicisms in Europe; linguistic diversity in a global context.
3) More precisely, I analyze the film's discourse on the borgo, its portrayal of regionalisms and anglicisms as voiced by the inhabitants of Correggio and their newly born radio, and finally its own position within Italian culture and cinema, comparing Radiofreccia with other works set in Emilia Romagna, especially novels by Pier Vittorio Tondelli, (4) and films by Federico Fellini.
A number of language societies exist in these three countries today which publish lists from time to time of unnecessary Anglicisms with their German equivalents.