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Synonyms for Anglicism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens


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Indeed, Parole a buon rendere is a virtual treasure trove of Anglicisms recently infused into l'italica favella.
She resorts to four clear and sound criteria to identify a given phraseological unit as an Anglicism, although no solid conclusions seem to have been reached, since the lack of information regarding the features of the diachronic corpus (number of words, etc.
So, in order to assess the entrenchment of this Anglicism, the span was split into two fifteen-year periods: 1975-1989 /1990-2004 (23).
The inventory is conceived in the form of files in which each term is presented in what is considered to be a "basic" form, the one in the consulted dictionaries, to which we added the following information: graphic versions, pronunciation, the English term from which the "base" term originates, morphological indications, geographical distribution and number of entries in the selected material (in how many articles we encountered it during the year 2007), derives of the title-word (should they exist), the definitions from the seven consulted dictionaries (should it be recorded) and, not least, numerous examples extracted from the afore-mentioned newspapers in which the respective Anglicism is used.
The article examines noun anglicisms and their lexico-semantic integration in the French and Lithuanian languages.
Fans of this band have appropriated an anglicism and have semantically endowed it with a more restricted meaning, "followers of Sweet California," as in "Los fans de Sweet California, los sweeties, son en su mayoria chicas, pero cada vez tienen mas seguidores masculinos" (Semana.
Thus, Gottlieb identifies an anglicism as "any individual or systemic language feature adapted or adopted from English, or inspired or boosted by English models, used in intralingual communication in a language other than English" (2005: 163).
In current cosmetic terminology, the tem is losing ground to the Anglicism make-up (<Engl.
In effect, the term "romance," as it is used today to refer to early modern Spanish idealist fiction, was not in Cervantes's vocabulary; it is both an anachronism and an Anglicism.
Presbyterians may have sketchy knowledge of John Knox and the role he played in overthrowing Roman Catholicism in Scotland and assuring that Presbyterianism, rather than Anglicism, took its place.
free diving (<<scufundarea in apnee>>)"; sometimes, the anglicism alternates with its Romanian correspondent in the same sentence or text (8);
com is more than a fashionable Anglicism to promote cheap shoes on the Internet," says founder Tim Keding.
and following the widespread authentic Anglicism football), and semantic shifts or meaning extensions, such as the Italian mister for football coach or trainer, and box for lock-up garage.