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Synonyms for Anglicism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens


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The frequent occurrence of Dealer in the context of Drogen in all five corpora suggests that this anglicism largely preserved the specific meaning it displayed when it was borrowed from English.
The inventory is conceived in the form of files in which each term is presented in what is considered to be a "basic" form, the one in the consulted dictionaries, to which we added the following information: graphic versions, pronunciation, the English term from which the "base" term originates, morphological indications, geographical distribution and number of entries in the selected material (in how many articles we encountered it during the year 2007), derives of the title-word (should they exist), the definitions from the seven consulted dictionaries (should it be recorded) and, not least, numerous examples extracted from the afore-mentioned newspapers in which the respective Anglicism is used.
Rey-Debove ,,Dictionnaire des anglicismes" pabrePia, kad anglicizmas--anglu kalbos Podis, kurio masinis vartojamas daPniausiai Pymimas kursyvu arba kabutemis (Rey-Debove 1986: 56).
In comparison to derivation, compounding represents a less frequent word-formation mechanism employed in the corpus of anglicisms. Some compounds include the following: katycat--denoting "a fan of Katy Perry," after her tour Hello Katy (2009)--, the English-looking term XusoLover (TopMusic & Cine 172, 31)--which was in fact coined by the Spanish singer Xuso Jones for it to be used mainly on Twitter--and the anglicism redhead (TopMusic & Cine 172: 10): a word created after the American boyband Midnight Red.
Analysis of the text samples and corpus annotations (typology of anglicism, spelling variations, etymology).
In current cosmetic terminology, the tem is losing ground to the Anglicism make-up (<Engl.
The writing is sometimes slow and mired in Anglicism's, but on the whole the plotting is sharp and there is plenty of human interest.
Mac Colla argues that the 'myopic Anglicism' of the Daily Record fails to see that Welsh is flourishing precisely because it is integral to the curriculum, and that it is not schools in Scotland that are resistant to the teaching of Gaelic, but a centralised administration that wants to keep Scotland British: (28)
In effect, the term "romance," as it is used today to refer to early modern Spanish idealist fiction, was not in Cervantes's vocabulary; it is both an anachronism and an Anglicism. (15) The English term itself, as Barbara Fuchs argues in her study of romance, admits to its elusive nature, since it defies proper definition (1).
Presbyterians may have sketchy knowledge of John Knox and the role he played in overthrowing Roman Catholicism in Scotland and assuring that Presbyterianism, rather than Anglicism, took its place.
"free diving (<<scufundarea in apnee>>)"; sometimes, the anglicism alternates with its Romanian correspondent in the same sentence or text (8);
" is more than a fashionable Anglicism to promote cheap shoes on the Internet," says founder Tim Keding.
The term was also crowned as 'Anglicism of the year' in an annual contest organised by a linguist at the University of Hamburg last year.