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make English in appearance


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Whereas Old El Paso has anglicised its flavours, we are keeping authentic.
Once a fishing village, the town of Marmaris has become one of the most popular and anglicised tourist resorts in Turkey.
However his father, who Anglicised the family name after settling in Britain, claimed they both died in his native Romania.
All the World Express recipes are established, best selling dishes, which have been anglicised to appeal to the frozen ready meals consumer.
The two men represent what seems, on the surface, opposing ends of the Middle East spectrum: Edward Said was born in Jerusalem to an anglicised Christian Arab family and grew up in predominantly Muslim Cairo.
Even supporting England in international sports events is frowned upon by elders who feel offended by the increasingly Anglicised views of their children.
The database supports both the American English and Anglicised English spelling of words such as tire or tyre, but to retrieve the maximum number of records, users are advised to use both spellings.
Colin Gilbert, boss of the Comedy Unit, said: "When we did Rab C, we Anglicised the first episode of the networked series, but could see the whole thing going down the drain, so we had to stop.
The newly erected road sign, on the SSA5 between Llanfairpwll and Menai Bridge, uses the anglicised form "Caernarvon" below the correct form Caernarfon.
00 Fakenham The Anglicised version of the Spanish word torero (or Portuguese toureiro), meaning bullfighter.
But the lack of depth in the English player pool means that even with the addition of two Australians with British heritage and a Kiwi who has lived in Castleford long enough to be considered Anglicised, there is little anticipation of the trophy staying in the northern hemisphere.
I don't know if the anglicised spelling is correct, but there was Mrs Rossi, Victor, Mary, Louey and Gianina.
The Naimo version of the Korean (which is an anglicised word ne-mo which means squareshaped) is an electric car.
com/ I used this site to establish the meaning of some notable names with Liverpool connections: I found that McCartney, for example is an Anglicised form of the Old Scottish Gaelic "MacArtain" or the Irish "MacCartaine".
The move from Stradey Park, with its iconic Welsh-only scoreboard, to the new Parcy Scarlets has seemingly turned the Scarlets into an anglicised club.