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Antonyms for Anglican

a Protestant who is a follower of Anglicanism

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Anglican church

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About 100 traditionalist Anglican parishes in the United States have decided to join the Catholic church as a group.
This history dates all the way back to the Anglican Church's founding under Henry VIII and his Tudor heirs.
Anglicans in Canada, Bishop Moxley and Dean Elliott added, survived two controversial issues that set them apart from other parts of the communion: children receiving Holy Communion before confirmation and the ordination of women.
Anglicans, deepened the rift within the community about the acceptance of homosexualist priests and bishops.
Edwards has pursued an equally distinguished career in the Anglican Church, serving as Canon of Westminster Abbey, Speaker's Chaplain in the House of Commons, and Provost of Southwark Cathedral, London.
Some dioceses of die Anglican Communion, of winch the Episcopal Church USA is a part, temporarily separated from the church in response to the decision, and many of those dioceses--primarily in Africa--still refuse to ordain women.
In an address to Catholic priests in Toronto in November 2005, Cardinal Edward Cassidy further emphasized the frustrations Catholics face in dialogue with the Anglicans who have failed to exert authority and unity.
I see signs of vibrant life, of a renewed commitment to the Gospel's call to justice, in the commitment of Anglicans in my diocese to take action on behalf of "the least of these" in our midst by taking part in advocacy efforts with government.
On December 7, Bishop Anthony Tonnos of Hamilton sent a letter to Canon George Ferris, the Anglican chairman of LARC (the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic ecumenical group) saying that the Diocese of Hamilton would not participate in the forthcoming mid-January 2005 common renewal of baptismal vows with the Anglican and Lutheran churches in the area.
Attention Anglican and Lutheran composers: the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission is looking for new words to a hymn familiar to both traditions to celebrate six years of Full Communion between the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).
Toronto -- The doctrinal distintegration of Anglican Christianity at the hands of sodomites progresses steadily.
For the many Anglicans who believe that its non-confessional character is an essential part of the genius of Anglicanism, such a development would be most unwelcome.
Today, Anglicans have already formed a half-dozen communities no longer in union with Canterbury; national Anglican churches have broken relations with one another; individuals are deserting the Anglican fold in droves; Asian communities have sent missionaries to North America; and the Archbishop of Canterbury himself is barred from receiving communion and conducting services in 350 Church of England parishes because of his support of women priests (Sunday Times, Sept.
Dean Wall said it was "hard" to give up the parish visits but to make up for this, all Anglicans in the diocese will be invited to attend the installation ceremony for the new primate.
It brings to a head a long-simmering dispute among Anglicans worldwide.