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Antonyms for Anglican

a Protestant who is a follower of Anglicanism

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Anglican church

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On December 7, Bishop Anthony Tonnos of Hamilton sent a letter to Canon George Ferris, the Anglican chairman of LARC (the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic ecumenical group) saying that the Diocese of Hamilton would not participate in the forthcoming mid-January 2005 common renewal of baptismal vows with the Anglican and Lutheran churches in the area.
Attention Anglican and Lutheran composers: the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission is looking for new words to a hymn familiar to both traditions to celebrate six years of Full Communion between the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).
Meanwhile, other Anglicans in Canada, Australia, and elsewhere have found peace of mind and heart by joining the Catholic Church.
Some Anglicans apparently see in a covenant a mechanism to stop any developments with which they disagree, and to punish "offending" provinces.
Today, Anglicans have already formed a half-dozen communities no longer in union with Canterbury; national Anglican churches have broken relations with one another; individuals are deserting the Anglican fold in droves; Asian communities have sent missionaries to North America; and the Archbishop of Canterbury himself is barred from receiving communion and conducting services in 350 Church of England parishes because of his support of women priests (Sunday Times, Sept.
Catholics say Anglicans do not have a clear enough structure on authority, and I agree that there are areas it ought to be better.
It brings to a head a long-simmering dispute among Anglicans worldwide.
Referring to Anglicans who disagree with more-liberal attitudes toward homosexuality, the Kigali communique asserts that some churches in the Global South consider themselves in broken communion with the U.
Forward in Faith is a group of Anglicans who do not accept women priests (see "Anglican split widens" C.
Canadian Anglicans who hold conservative views on homosexuality represented the Essentials group in Columbus as observers.
The questions raised are incapable of any immediate solution acceptable to Anglicans.
ECUSA) and the fallout since has given Canadian Anglicans a glimpse of the potential outcome of our own General Synod, which will take place next June 19-25.
London--Evangelical members of the Church of England (Anglican) have written Cardinal Ratzinger denouncing the remarks of the senior Church of England Bishop of Chester, Peter Forster, claiming that Anglicans are ready to accept the "need of a universal primacy.
Archdeacon Sidney Black, of the diocese of Calgary and a co-chair of ACIP, distributed a video of the native Sacred Circle meeting last August that issued the call for a national native bishop as a symbol of healing and a major step toward self-determination for native Anglicans.