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the faith and doctrine and practice of the Anglican Church

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The government Blue Book in 1900 reported that "Native Labour continues as scarce as ever, and I am afraid, will do so as long as the towns offer superior inducements to natives seeking employment to those offered in farms." (23) On the other hand, the fact that Baines cited the government's positive attitude to Anglican missionary work amongst the Zulu in a way to encourage the Anglican clergy suggests the special interest that they had in the Anglican missionary work amongst the Zulu.
Her great grandfather, Toshio Kawasaki, was baptized by an Anglican missionary and served as a Presbyterian minister in Oita and Saga prefectures in southwestern Japan.
Peck's sojourns and travels in southern Qikiqtaaluk and an introduction to the history of Anglican missionary activities in the Eastern Arctic of Canada to provide the general context for the diaries and the notes.
MacDuff, Anglican missionary to India, phrased it in 1903, "once those sick are cured, then their hearts are aglow with gratitude, and their minds are opened to receive the Gospel.
It is the oldest Anglican Missionary agency, yet it sends no missionaries abroad.
The former Anglican missionary added: ``I am overwhelmed to receive this award.''
As Stanley Mission grew, it clustered around this spot, chosen in the 1850s by the Anglican missionary Robert Hunt as the place to build his church.
Although Anglican missionary work peaked about 1900, as Smith's thesis would predict, other British Protestant bodies remained active on the mission field.
A LEADING figure in the Anglican missionary world has received a major honour from Coventry Cathedral.
He married the daughter of the Anglican missionary he stayed with and settled in South Africa, but within a few years he was forced to flee when the conflict between the Boers and the British started.
The school was founded in 1828 by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England and Parts Adjacent in America (commonly known as the New England Company), an Anglican missionary society.
(One thinks particularly of the work of Fr6d6ric Laugrand, Jarich Oosten, and Francois Trudel on contemporary Anglican missionary activity among the Inuit of Canada's Baffin Island.) Nevertheless, Cultural Encounters at Cape Farewell is an attractive and interesting book that deserves a wide audience.
It is heartening to learn that some Anglican missionary churches in Africa still adhere to traditional morality.
Neill (1900-84) is well known for his writing on Christian missions to India, where he himself served as an Anglican missionary for 20 years.
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