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Conservatives are already worried that Jefferts Schori's election will elevate tensions between the American church and more conservative sister churches in the 77 million-member Anglican Communion.
At the last convention, in 2000, a resolution to develop a rite to bless same-sex unions was narrowly defeated amid fears of creating turmoil throughout the Anglican Communion.
The Archbishop of Canterbury is also the spiritual leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
We need to be patient enough to see the Episcopal church break itself away from the Anglican Communion.
While the churches of the Anglican Communion will feel a considerable sense of loss when he departs, as an intellectual, a Christian thinker and a poet, he will bring a rich offering of gifts to [his new] position.
We've had recent experience of how complex the process of healing and reconciliation is, and we are looking at a variety of wordings in conjunction with the Anglican Communion Office," says Suzanne Lawson, national campaign liaison, Resources for Mission.
16 Out of 38 provinces in the Anglican Communion consecrate women to the episcopate
I've read an excerpt from the Anglican Communion Covenant and it sounds like it was composed by GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference).
When Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan was appointed director for unity, faith and order at the Anglican Communion Office in London, the sound of glass shattering--or at least cracking--could be heard across the 77-million strong Anglican Communion.
The Anglican Communion emerged--as it always does after a Lambeth Conference--a church struggling to be faithful to scripture and relevant to today's society.
Eileen Scully, co-ordinator for worship and ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada's faith, worship and ministry department, has been appointed as full member of the Covenant Design Group for the Anglican Communion.
Publication of a paper version of Anglican/Episcopal World magazine, published quarterly by the Anglican Communion office in London, has been suspended in favour of an e-mail distribution model, said Canon Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the Communion.
20-25, of the Episcopal Church's bishops, since the national archbishops, or primates, of the worldwide Anglican Communion gave the bishops until Sept.
Canon Kenneth Kearon, secretary general of the Anglican Communion, urged Canadian Anglicans to "take time to stand back from the Anglican Communion" where the focus has been about schism over the issue of human sexuality.
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