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a member of the Anglican Church who emphasizes its Catholic character

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John the Evangelist Anglican Catholic Church (now the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Evangelist).
So in 1978, with a few others we left the Anglican Church of Canada and formed the continuing Anglican Church under the banner Anglican Catholic Church (ACC).
The question then in my mind was how could any of the sacraments of the Church of England be valid, and how could the sacraments of the Anglican Catholic Church be valid?
While many continuing Anglican denominations (such as the Reformed Episcopalians and the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada) have fruitful ministries, they do not have the pretence of being "in the communion," nor should Nigeria.
Gregory's and in an earlier address, the pope praised the work of the international Anglican Catholic dialogue over some 30 years.
We in the Anglican Catholic faith will support the Canadian Prayer Book Society in every way possible.
The Parliament Hill rally was marked by the attendance of a wide range of religious representatives in addition to Catholics, including Rabbi Reuven Bulka of Congregation Machzikei Hadas and a minister of the Anglican Catholic church.
The group that placed the advertisement are disgruntled Anglicans who left to form a "Traditional Anglican parish," which they described as "part of the Anglican Catholic Church, the Canadian Province of the Traditional Anglican Communion."
Others moved over to break-away Anglican communities such as the Anglican Catholic Church whose members see themselves as "continuing" what they believe to be the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism.
Bishop Alfred Woolcock, a onetime Anglican Church of Canada priest and former head of the Anglican Catholic Church, died in July at the age of 93.
FE in England is now linking up with other traditional continuing groups such as the Anglican Catholic Church in Canada and others, which earlier (i.e., before 1992) felt compelled to break their bonds with the Archbishop of Canterbury because of the ensnaring "modernism" of the prevailing Anglican leadership (The Rock, Dec.
This is the Anglican Catholic Church, which is now represented on four continents, including North America.
These former Anglican Catholics are unique in my experience: they paid a high price to become Catholic, frequently misunderstood by both Anglicans and Catholics.
The recent response from Rome, which will create a structure called a "personal ordiniariate" led by a priest or bishop, will allow Anglican Catholics to maintain their liturgical traditions and clergy.
The traditional Anglican group in England, Forward in Faith, seemed enthusiastic: "It has been the frequently expressed hope and fervent desire of Anglican Catholics to be enabled by some means to enter into full communion with the see of Peter....
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