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Antonyms for Anglican

a Protestant who is a follower of Anglicanism

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Anglican church

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Churches under the personal ordinariate can retain their Anglican character and much of their liturgy and practices--including married priests--while being in communion with the Catholic church.
Both Adams and (particularly) Bates write about the agony of those in the Anglican Communion, and especially its largely symbolic British leadership, who want to avoid a definitive rupture over sexual issues.
They shouldn't just say, 'Oh, we have to decide this way because people somewhere will be upset with us,'" said Bishop Moxley, who is the national church's representative bishop on the international Anglican Consultative Council.
In England, the London Times repeated the phrase in capital letters the next day with the lead sentence, "The Episcopal Church in America descended into chaos last night after leading bishops on both the liberal and conservative wings disassociated themselves from a last-gasp effort to avert a schism with the worldwide Anglican communion.
Still, being himself an Anglican cleric--as he claims, his "is the first book about Donne the preacher ever to have been written by a man who has preached often in London, as he did" (viii)--Edwards tends to admire more than analyze Donne's religious poetry and prose.
Furman is enthusiastic about the community discovering and becoming enriched by the spiritual resources from Anglican churches around the world.
Canada's largest Protestant denomination, the United Church of Canada, meanwhile, maintains an impressive, up-to-date directory of detailed statistics, but its collection system differs from the Anglican church.
They have established a Convocation of Anglican Nigerian Churches which will "provide safe harbour for those who can no longer find their spiritual home" elsewhere.
That punishment enjoys the support of Zimbabwe's Anglican bishops.
The main Anglican community has steadily removed itself from unchangeable Christian moral principles towards the acceptance of a flighty political correctness over the last 40 years, following their initial acceptance of contraception in 1930.
The Anglican church's General Synod, scheduled June 19 to 25, coincides with the ELCIC's National Convention in the city during that same week.
Early in June, 2004, the Anglican Synod of Canada affirmed the integrity and "sanctity" of same-sex relationships.
Pope Benedict did not identify in detail areas of difficulty between the two churches, but he did speak of the "the strains and difficulties besetting the Anglican Communion and consequently about the uncertainty of the communion itself.
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