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Antonyms for Anglican

a Protestant who is a follower of Anglicanism

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Anglican church

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The first was the United Kingdom branch of the Traditional Anglican Communion, which comprises about 20 small parishes and which in October began the process of joining the Catholic church under the apostolic constitution.
Stephen Bates, religion reporter for The Guardian newspaper, views the reaction to Robinson's ordination as the byproduct of an evangelical uprising in the Anglican Communion.
Should the Anglican Church of Canada's relationship with the rest of the Communion weigh heavily on the minds of delegates?
The presiding bishop represents the church in meetings with other Anglican leaders.
Scanning my bookshelf, I note an Anglican author who celebrates an Anglican Donne; a Catholic who discovers a crypto-Catholic Donne; a Catholicturned-Anglican who admits to a guilty, apostate Donne; a Lutheran who enforces Donne's Lutheranism; a Calvinist whose Donne capitulates to the Genevan's lex terribilis; a skeptic for whom Donne doubts; an atheist for whom Donne feigns piety; a feminist whose Donne worships Sophia; and so on.
South Africa is a prominent exception, and the Anglican churches there have for the most part supported Robinson's consecration.
The Anglican Church in Australia has become less English as the identity of Australia as a nation has started to identify more with the Asian Pacific nations,'' he said.
The department has received a $15,000 grant from the Anglican Foundation to develop an electronic data-gathering system and the diocese of Montreal's former executive officer, Mark Gibson, is a consultant on the project.
churches to voluntarily withdraw from a February 2005 Consultative Council until 2008 (the next meeting of the international Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops in England).
Those who enjoyed the older book and wanted traditional services had to find an Anglican Catholic Church.
That less-than-attractive side of Anglicanism showed its face a few years ago when an Anglican bishop in Zimbabwe seconded President Robert Mugabe's support for antigay violence.
In matters suck as Prayer Book revision, ordination of women, ecumenism and concern for a place within the church for homosexuals, I believe our church has been a leader, not only within the Anglican Communion, but also for the wider church.
Another position was strongly supported at the most recent Anglican Synod of the Diocese of Niagara.
The Anglican church's General Synod, scheduled June 19 to 25, coincides with the ELCIC's National Convention in the city during that same week.
Early in June, 2004, the Anglican Synod of Canada affirmed the integrity and "sanctity" of same-sex relationships.
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