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Antonyms for Anglican

a Protestant who is a follower of Anglicanism

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Anglican church

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The readership survey will help the Journal staff continue to produce a newspaper that serves its readers: Anglicans in Canada who are part of a global church.
If parish rolls do yield a figure of 680,000 the number of "committed" Anglicans will be a tad lower than one million.
Medcof for keeping alive the International Anglican Women's Network through a period of restructuring.
The request means the 100 Anglican Church in America parishes will ask for group reception into the Catholic church in a "personal ordinariate," a structure similar to dioceses for former Anglicans who become Catholic.
Both Adams and (particularly) Bates write about the agony of those in the Anglican Communion, and especially its largely symbolic British leadership, who want to avoid a definitive rupture over sexual issues.
They shouldn't just say, 'Oh, we have to decide this way because people somewhere will be upset with us,'" said Bishop Moxley, who is the national church's representative bishop on the international Anglican Consultative Council.
Note: Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury recently declared that homosexual activity is contrary to the teachings of Christianity and that homosexuals must change their behaviours if they are to be welcome in the Anglican church ( [LSN], Aug.
Still, being himself an Anglican cleric--as he claims, his "is the first book about Donne the preacher ever to have been written by a man who has preached often in London, as he did" (viii)--Edwards tends to admire more than analyze Donne's religious poetry and prose.
Canada's largest Protestant denomination, the United Church of Canada, meanwhile, maintains an impressive, up-to-date directory of detailed statistics, but its collection system differs from the Anglican church.
They have established a Convocation of Anglican Nigerian Churches which will "provide safe harbour for those who can no longer find their spiritual home" elsewhere.
This, the article explained, was necessary given that "homosexuality is forbidden in Zimbabwe and can be punished with ten years in prison." That punishment enjoys the support of Zimbabwe's Anglican bishops.
Another position was strongly supported at the most recent Anglican Synod of the Diocese of Niagara.
Submissions may be sent by April 1 to Eileen Scully of the faith, worship and ministry department, Anglican Church of Canada, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, Ont., M4Y 3G2 or at
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