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the acute angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative wind and the chord of an airfoil

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The power generated by the blade at various angles of attack.
By setting up the maneuver this way, the pilot can achieve similar angles of attack for the maneuver, regardless of weight or density altitude, and meet the objectives of the slow flight task.
However, such angles of attack will only occur in very tight curves so that the difference in rolling radius between the left and right wheel will not compensate for the difference in traveled distance on the left and right rail; therefore in such cases there will always be a high longitudinal creep force so that the change in moment due to the longitudinal contact location can safely be neglected.
The structure and characteristics of separated flows significantly depend on their kinematic performances--velocity, angles of attack, and flow parameters such as pressure, density and temperature--and it depends on the direction of their change within the interval of certain values.
The surface flow separation is adequately modeled since the lift's curve sudden decrease and the drag's coefficient sudden increase take place at angles of attack around the experimental value.
Angles of attack of hand models of 0[degrees], 45[degrees] and 90[degrees], with a sweep back angle of 0[degrees] (thumb as the leading edge) were used for the calculations (Schleihauf, 1979).
Andrew Detorres (Bryn Deri) showed superb hands and pace when entering the line and his angles of attack made spaces for Oliver Joyce (Creigiau) and Jerry Casserly (Roath Park) to work their magic in midfield.
Aside from increasing in-flight manoeuvrability, powerful pitch control can give a stol capability, with take-off rotation at subnormal speeds and approach at far higher angles of attack than can be employed at touchdown.
That airplane was designed to operate at low speeds and at high angles of attack - areas where aircraft tend to stall and become uncontrollable.
Nonetheless, Angles of Attack is a fine effort that tells the story of one of the Navy's stalwart aviation communities during its last combat deployment.
At certain angles of attack, it would close off the fuel flow to the engine, causing it to stall.
Since different airfoils (wing designs) behave differently in an air stream, the three models are expected to differ under varying angles of attack and wind speed.
Figures (8) and (9) show the effect of vertical position of the WT on cooling tower fan input power for rotor (1) and rotor (2) at different angles of attack and guide vanes angles.
This upstream movement dramatically decreases the maximum lift coefficient at relatively high angles of attack, leading to premature stalls.