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the acute angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative wind and the chord of an airfoil

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There's a final point to be made about turning flight at angles of attack near the point of flow separation: Deflecting the ailerons changes the wings' aerodynamics.
Prior to attaching the rotors, the base loads of the test stand were recorded at different airspeeds and angles of attack. These base-load measurements were then employed to correct thrust, torque, and roll moment of the rotors.
The power generated by the blade at various angles of attack. For various wind speeds the angle of attack will vary at which the power generated will be maximum.
Detailed analyses on the nonlinear variations of the pitching moment can be seen in [23-25] and we present the surface pressures and streamlines of several angles of attack in Figures 16(a)-16(d).
The angle of attack ranged from 0[degrees] to 180[degrees] with an increment of 2[degrees], making a total of 46 angles of attack computed.
The structure and characteristics of separated flows significantly depend on their kinematic performances--velocity, angles of attack, and flow parameters such as pressure, density and temperature--and it depends on the direction of their change within the interval of certain values.
Angles of Attack is available for purchase online through the author's website, from the publisher,, and other online retailers.
At higher angles of attack, the boundary layer thickens more dramatically, but the near-stagnant air slows even more and remains laminar.
Share with them how variables can affect results and that the only variable that they want in this activity is to test the various airfoil shapes they have constructed at three different angles of attack.
In equations 1 and 2, V is the water velocity, [C.sub.D] and [C.sub.L] are the drag and lift coefficients, respectively, [rho] is the fluid density and A is the projection area of the model for different angles of attack used in this study.
Andrew Detorres (Bryn Deri) showed superb hands and pace when entering the line and his angles of attack made spaces for Oliver Joyce (Creigiau) and Jerry Casserly (Roath Park) to work their magic in midfield.
Aside from increasing in-flight manoeuvrability, powerful pitch control can give a stol capability, with take-off rotation at subnormal speeds and approach at far higher angles of attack than can be employed at touchdown.
Nonetheless, Angles of Attack is a fine effort that tells the story of one of the Navy's stalwart aviation communities during its last combat deployment.