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the upper deck of an aircraft carrier

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The British also helped develop angled flight decks, steam catapults and arresting gear.
The Indian ship will operate twelve MiG-29 mixed role aircraft and half-a-dozen 'Helix' and, like the Admiral Kuznetsov, will feature an angled flight deck with arrester wires to recover the fixed-wing aircraft.
Boddington, who was head of the naval aircraft department at Farnborough, is remembered for the development of the angled flight deck on aircraft carriers, the most important advance in aircraft carrier design since the end of the Second World War.
Advances such as the angled flight deck and steam catapult had made the aircraft carrier a better platform for fast, long range strike aircraft, and the first nuclear-powered ballistic missile sub marine was put in commission.
In 1957, Bonaventure replaced Magnificent, complete with outstanding innovations like an angled flight deck, steam catapult and mirror landing system.
In late 2006, Andrew Marshall, the Director of the Office of Net Assessment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, asked us to answer several questions: Why had the Royal Navy (RN) developed the angled flight deck, steam catapult, and optical landing aid before the U.
ACCORDING to the book "80 Years of the British Aircraft Carrier" by Frank Ott and Maurice Biggs, trials of an angled flight deck were conducted on HMS Triumph but HMS Centaur was the first carrier to be formally equipped with this development.
The Ark Royal and Eagle were both fitted with angled flight decks, that is true, however HMS Triumph, one of the many light fleet carriers of the Colossus class, commissioned between May 1944 and 1948, was the first Royal Navy ship to be trialled with an angled flight deck in 1951 and the Americans followed suit in 1952 with the USS Midway.
I served on HMS Eagle and joined her at Devonport in September 1954 where she was in dry dock being fitted with the new angled flight deck.
The correct image is that of the Audacious-class aircraft carrier, the fourth to carry the name of Ark Royal and the first ship in the world to carry an angled flight deck.