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the upper deck of an aircraft carrier

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The Indian ship will operate twelve MiG-29 mixed role aircraft and half-a-dozen 'Helix' and, like the Admiral Kuznetsov, will feature an angled flight deck with arrester wires to recover the fixed-wing aircraft.
The roll-call of scientists is matched by the list of inventors: William Grove invented the fuel cell; David Hughes the microphone and teleprinter; Sydney Gilchrist Thomas developed the Basic method for manufacturing steel from phosphate ores; Edward Bowen produced the first airborne radar; Lewis Boddington designed the angled flight deck for aircraft carriers; and Donald Davies invented 'packet switching' for the electronic transmission of data.
Advances such as the angled flight deck and steam catapult had made the aircraft carrier a better platform for fast, long range strike aircraft, and the first nuclear-powered ballistic missile sub marine was put in commission.
In 1957, Bonaventure replaced Magnificent, complete with outstanding innovations like an angled flight deck, steam catapult and mirror landing system.
A Phantom aircraft takes off from the new angled flight deck of HMS Ark Royal in the English Channel in May 1970 after a PS30m refit
In the summer of 1951, Lieutenant Commander Hilary "Nick" Goodhart, working under Captain Cambell, devised an ingenious method for guiding jet aircraft at the proper angle onto an angled flight deck. The idea was to use a light source at the stern of the carrier to project a "ball" of light into a stabilized mirror located next to the angled landing deck and angled at three degrees to the vertical.
After these tests the Admiralty was persuaded and Centaur was the first to be equipped with a five-degree angled flight deck and later Ark Royal.
The Ark Royal and Eagle were both fitted with angled flight decks, that is true, however HMS Triumph, one of the many light fleet carriers of the Colossus class, commissioned between May 1944 and 1948, was the first Royal Navy ship to be trialled with an angled flight deck in 1951 and the Americans followed suit in 1952 with the USS Midway.
I served on HMS Eagle and joined her at Devonport in September 1954 where she was in dry dock being fitted with the new angled flight deck.