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We denote by M the point of intersection of this perpendicular with the angle bisector AF (see Figure 10).
The BL showed the length of the RCPmi along its angle bisector. The OW showed the width of the origin of RCPmi, and the IW showed the width of the insertion of the RCPmi.
So the combined application of simulation techniques identified the formation of a dangerous zone, dangerous layers, and cross-sections for possible crack formation in viscous material flow within the polymeric workpiece material, which flows in the neighborhood of the 2[theta] angle bisector line EO, that is, in the vicinity of channel intersection zone EO of 2[theta] angular dies of Segal and Iwahashi geometries.
Panaitopol, The existence of a triangle with prescribed angle bisector lengths, Amer.
Which is why, when I should have been working, I've instead been immersed in such intoxicating byways as calculating the possible germination outcomes of the sweet pea growing exploits of Meg and Ravi (and no, you may NOT use a calculator), inverting fractions, rotating cuboids and wondering when it was that the term 'angle bisector' ceased to have any sort of meaning in my life.
angle bisector of angle BAC and the perpendicular bisector of BC.
Since the curve is symmetrical with respect to the angle bisector of the first quadrant, one only needs to obtain the curvature at t = 0.
When triangle ABC is scalene, intersection point P is an exterior point, and when ABC is isosceles or equilateral, the angle bisector, AD, and the perpendicular bisector of BC are concurrent.