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an L-shaped metal bracket

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The products of its factory in Bekasi include angle bars, steel channel, round bar and steel strips.
In Central Visayas, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said it would investigate reports about the proliferation of uncertified and substandard angle bars in the provinces of Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor.
Belts were reduced from four inches to three, and weekly checks are made on angle bars and folder bar slitters, which "have to be razor sharp," Ehrhardt said, because any ding in the blade will cause a break.
Based on the report, the Commission found a significant increase in the volume of steel angle bar imports in the last two years, which posed a serious threat to the local industry.
plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, three weeks ago, stuck inside were the top halves of three towers and an angle bar nest the New York Post needs to complete its fourth new Postliner press.
Over the double 2:5:5/2:3:3 jaw folder will be a double-wide, two-high former, a three-high angle-bar arrangement, and one four-high angle bar arrangement.
Goss Graphic Systems Inc., Westmont, Ill., will add a MetroColor tower with CT45 paster, one-high angle bar, and MPCS III controls to its Headliner Offset press at The Herald-Sun, Durham, N.C., which sought extra capacity to satisfy advertisers' demand for color.
A steel rod left a shallow cut on her neck but an angle bar pierced through Carpina's neck.
A nylon rope was tied around the victim's neck, with the other end tied to an angle bar. The victim's body bore stab wounds and cuts on her neck and both wrists, Serbito said.