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The partners in the project are Life with Dignity (LWD), Action for Development (AFD), Angkar Ponleu Aphiwat (APA), Environment Support and Social Development (ESSD), Old Age and Miserable People Help (HOM), Cambodia Human Resource Development (CHRD), Ockenden, Anakot Kumar (AK), Environmental Protection and Development Organisation (EPDO), and Ponleur Kumar (PK).
The Angkar, who hated intellectuals, would often beat Ty for being light-skinned and looking like a rich boy.
My seven-year-old sister was killed by Angkar because she stole one ear of corn to eat.
Ac nid unigolion fyddai'n gorchymyn unrhyw beth, ond Angkar - y mudiad.
See generally Cambodia Society under the Angkar, http://countrystudies.