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the formation of new blood vessels

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The corneal angiogenesis assay involves creating a pocket in the cornea of a rabbit or mouse wherein test tumors or tissues are placed to induce the development of vasculature (Gimbrone et al.
The most frequently used measure, the thymidine incorporation assay, will serve to introduce several of the key problems of validating in vitro angiogenesis assays.
The results demonstrated that Defibrotide at concentrations corresponding to pharmacological Defibrotide blood levels (100 og/mL) reduced vessel formation, which could be confirmed by two classical in vitro angiogenesis assays (tube formation in matrigel, rat aortic ring sprouting).
In vivo angiogenesis assays showed that the administration of ENMD- 1420 at maximally tolerated doses led to the disruption of established blood vessels.
This result could be confirmed by alternative in vitro angiogenesis assays.