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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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We inserted a 26G pediatric angiocatheter as a stent in both parotid and submandibular ducts.
(A) Transverse ultrasound image showing angiocatheter placement within the distended urinary bladder.
Use of angiocatheter tubes as against mini monoka stents in the repair of canalicular laceration is a safe, economical and feasible alternative, especially since majority of patients presenting with such injuries are of lower socio-economic strata.
Using an angiocatheter, I inject 4 mL of 2% lidocaine into the uterus and then wait 3 minutes.
A 22-gauge angiocatheter was slid over the wire into the ducts, and the guide wire was removed.
Then 5ml of 2% lidocaine or the same volume of saline was instilled through the endocervix into the uterine cavity with an 18-gauge angiocatheter. The angiocatheter was left in place for three minutes before it was withdrawn while patients were in the Trendelenburg position to limit backflow and to allow the anesthetic to take effect.
(6) Pressures of 8 to 11 psi can be achieved using a 18--to 19-gauge needle or angiocatheter with a 30 cc to 35 cc syringe.
The deferent duct was catheterized with a 24gauge angiocatheter and methylene blue was injected.
The mice were anesthetised with ketamine (50mg/kg) and xylazine (8mg/kg), and hydrochloric acid (0.1 N HCl, pH 1.5, 50 [micro]L) was intratracheally instilled into the left lung via a 24-gauge angiocatheter. At 12, 48, and/or 72 h following acid-initiated acute lung injury bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) and lung tissue were harvested [18].