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a resident of Anjou

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When one thinks of King John of England, the man who lost the vast Angevin Empire to Philippe II Auguste of France and sealed the end of regnal supremacy via Magna Carta, one generally does not consider him an ally of Saracens and an active player in Iberian politics.
In 1413, however, the Angevins became alarmed by the way in which Duke John (who had already murdered the previous Duke of Orleans) dominated the royal government and they broke off the engagement between Louis of Anjou and John's daughter, thereby making John a bitter enemy.
When Joan of Arc burst onto on the scene in 1428, the French Angevins were on the ropes, struggling to keep the English from grabbing not just the French throne but the Angevin heartland itself.
In evoking Ruskin's magisterial empirical study of Venice, The Stones of Naples is a misleading title for Caroline Bruzelius's book, as indeed is the cover illustration, a fifteenth-century view of Naples during the Aragonese period, but the subtitle provides a more accurate indication of the content of this very readable and well-considered revisionist view of architectural patronage under the Angevins in southern Italy.
Each CD lists its contents, which librarians, teachers and their students will appreciate as the Normans, Angevins, Plantagenets, Houses of Lancaster and York, Tudors and Stuarts, Houses of Hanover, Saxe-Coburg-Gothe, and finally Windsor burst on the local and world scene.
The most important secular story for the Angevins and Plantagenets and their successors has long been acknowledged to be the eponymous foundation of Britain by Brutus.
Brittany and the Angevins: Province and Empire, 1158-1203.
It is within this preexisting "grammar" of kinship that the social consequences of the overthrow of the Angevins in 1282 and the creation of the first Aragonese crown of the island must be understood.
The worst threats to order came not from outside powers - armies of the papacy, Hohenstaufen emperors, Angevins or even neighboring cities.
Because the council of Marseille had only limited legislative powers after 1252, and because the Angevins themselves were too preoccupied to attempt judicial reforms, the statutes underwent no changes in the century that followed; compared with the statutes of other fourteenth-century communes, which periodically underwent revision and concordance, those of mid-fourteenth-century Marseille were manifestly out of date.
A une science prodigieuse de l'orchestre, l'auteur joint une grace melodique, un entrain juvenile irresistible; c'est un archi-vivan.' Elsewhere we see him brushing with the regionalist traditions, with which he himself flirted in a couple of pieces, the Fantaisie sur deux airs populaires angevins and the Fantaisie contrapuntique sur un cramignon liegois.
Once again, Hunt hammers home the importance of the grain-for-cloth trade with the Angevins as the critical source of profit.
Not as well known, but also eminently respectable, are an unfinished piano quartet, an Adagio pour quatuor d'orchestre, and his Fantaisie pour orchestre sur deux airs populaires angevins.