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Angelwing jasmine (Jasminum laurifolium nitidum) This semi-evergreen vine has glossy green leaves and pinwheel-shaped white flowers.
Angelwing Nursery, based in their Longbenton home, is now thriving, but the couple insist the pounds 25 or so they make per doll is barely enough to pay for the postage and packaging.
Angelwing begonias are available in flower colors form white to glowing orange, coral and red.
Although many bluffs had suitable overhangs, crevices and ledges, old sign was found only at Angelwing Arch (Crawford County) and Moore Chapel Bluff and North New Amsterdam Bluff in Harrison County.
Wants: Angelwing blue poppy, Mexican hat, Mexican fireplant, strawflower, carnation, columbine, white spider flower.