Squatina squatina

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sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do

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But a project has now been launched by Natural Resources Wales, in conjunction with Welsh fisherman and the Zoological Society of London, to find out more about our native Angelshark population.
"Until around six years ago we did have an Angelshark at the zoo before she sadly died of natural causes.
"The Irish Sea was one of the Angelshark's last remaining habitats in the British Isles, which would be quite fitting."
Ben Wray, Marine Biodiversity Ecologist at Natural Resources Wales, said: "Commercial fishermen and anglers have been reporting more sightings of Angelsharks in recent years.
"We hope that the data we gather will help us build a much better picture of the situation and help our work to conserve these amazing creatures." Angelsharks, known as monk or monkfish by many fishermen, can grow up to around two and a half metres (around eight feet) in length.