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Laura's mother Dawn cried with joy when her daughter, who suffers from the rare genetic disease Angelman's Syndrome, said "me" and "in" and pointed to the water where the dolphins were swimming.
In the latest finding, Susan Malcolm of the Institute of Child Health in London and her colleagues report in the March 23 LANCET on two children who developed a rare type of mental retardation called Angelman's syndrome. Because of an error during sperm formation, each child inherited two chromosome 15 segments from the father and none from the mother, a rare condition called uniparental paternal disomy.
He's a miracle." Joe, of Newquay, Cornwall, had meningitis at a week old and 14 months later also had a lung virus and Angelman's Syndrome, causing epilepsy.
Danielle's condition is known as Prader-Willi syndrome but she also has Angelman's Syndrome, causing learning difficulties and problems with movement such as involuntary laughter and jerking of the hands.
* Angelman's syndrome. In this syndrome, the most significant problems are seizures, sleep disturbances, and severe hyperactivity.
Cady, 12, has a possible diagnosis of Angelman's syndrome. She attends a special needs school where she loves to listen to music and hum nursery rhymes.