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Synonyms for angelica

any of various tall and stout herbs of the genus Angelica having pinnately compound leaves and small white or greenish flowers in compound umbels

candied stalks of the angelica plant

aromatic stems or leaves or roots of Angelica Archangelica

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to acquire a Fra Angelico, when she had already begun plans for her boldly conceived museum.
Mr Callaghan, who steps down as managing director, said: "The signifi-cant support of a large international company like Angelico ensures a fantastic future not only for the staff but also for the range of companies that supply Very English with products and services.
De acuerdo con este planteamiento, el teatro de Halma Angelico, de caracter intimista, ofrece un valioso testimonio sobre el modo como el cambio en el sistema tradicional de roles de genero afecto a las mujeres de preguerra.
La visita a las ciudades iba acompanado por la idea de San Marcos, el camposanto de Pisa, los Uffizzi, donde se encontraban no solo las obras sino el espiritu de Giotto, Mantegna, Fra Angelico, Botticelli .
Fra Angelico depicts the effect all of this would have on her life by painting her words upside down and backwards.
Angelico based Ak y la humanidad on the futuristic short story of Russian revolutionary Jefim Sosulia, one of the most acclaimed short story writers of early twentieth-century Russia.
Angelico said Wild Well personnel approached the well earlier Tuesday night, before the fire, but they determined it was unsafe to get closer when they were about 200 feet away from it.
Robert Angelico of the New Orleans law firm of Liskow & Lewis provided a 2012 Update on Louisiana State Tax Legislation, Audit, and Litigation Issues.
GB Standard Life Senior Men's Final 12: Achara, Kieron - Scotland & Angelico Biella, ITA; Adegboye, Ogo -England & St Bonaventure University, USA; Bailey, Devan - England & Central Connecticut University, USA; Boateng, Eric - England, Arizona State University, USA; Boyd, Flinder -England & Ourense Balonceto, ESP; Bryan-Amaning, Matthew - England & University of Washington, USA; Clark, Dan - England & Estudiantes, ESP; Deng, Luol - England & Chicago Bulls, USA; Mensah-Bonsu, Pops -England & CSKA Moscow, RUS; Reinking, Nate - England & Mons Hainaut, BEL; Robinson, Justin - England & Rider University, USA; Sullivan, Andrew - England & Newcastle Eagles, ENG
Together with Fra Angelico in 1447, he was commissioned by Pope Eugene IV to carry out the fresco decoration of a chapel in the Vatican.
s focus on Savonarola's preaching, Biel's theology, and the art of Fra Angelico and Michelangelo works well for highlighting how the cross was imagined and understood in the Renaissance.
The Scottish forward is currently playing for Angelico Biella near Milan.
The latest addition to the superbly produced University of New Mexico Press' 'Paso Por Aqui: Series on the Nuevomexicano Literary Heritage', "The Life and Writing of Fray Angelico Chavez: A New Mexico Renaissance Man" is an informed and informative literary biography by Ellen McCracken (Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, University of California, Santa Barbara).
The 26-year-old from Stirling turns out for one of Italy's top teams, Angelico Biella, and lives in the lap of luxury near Milan.
The stunning collection begins with two panels of instrument-playing angels by Fra Angelico, the Italian early Renaissance artist and Dominican brother, that open to reveal a portrait of a pensive angel flanked by choirs of angels.