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(Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology

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At moments he was almost a god, bringing healing to skeptical mortals like an angelic doctor.
This disclaimer, early in the Summa, did not prevent the Angelic Doctor from developing his own trinitarian theology, based, as it was, on a literal reading of the Scriptures.
Thomas thinks this or that, or that his thought entails this or that conclusion, Father Elders cites in support of his assertion, and includes in a footnote, a full sentence or two in the original Latin from the works of the Angelic Doctor himself.
The Angelic Doctor is the best of companions along this way.
In the earlier dominant narrative, the Angelic Doctor is thought to be everything that Eastern Christianity is not, particularly on the question of the use of pagan sources and the role of human reason in the work of theology.
Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae, Part III, Questions 1 to 59, where the Angelic Doctor moves step by step from the Incarnation to Jesus' enthronement at the Father's right hand.
Thomas Aquinas' proofs of the existence of God and bones up on the Angelic Doctor as if he had never heard of the guy.
On the heels of MOTHER ANGELICA, the fundamentalist tele-evangelist, comes the ANGELIC DOCTOR, a metaphoric name for Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Remarkably, the Jewish community appealed to the authority of Thomas Aquinas to reject baptism against the will of the parents and concluded that the pope himself had disregarded the teaching of the Angelic Doctor (120)
The Angelic Doctor warns us that lust is a vice opposed to knowledge and understanding: "'blindness of mind arises from lust"' (STh II-II q.
For Paine, Chesterton should not only be properly regarded as a philosopher, after the Angelic Doctor himself, but as the philosophical doctor for diseased modern man.