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Synonyms for angel

Synonyms for angel

a pure, uncorrupted person

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

Synonyms for angel

person of exceptional holiness

invests in a theatrical production


the highest waterfall

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While some other cities also submitted bids on the last day, March 16, Kyser said Los Angeles started planning late and needed to have worked more quickly to put together its package.
Angeles Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Elliott is expected to remain chairman of Angeles and its largest stockholder but will likely step down as chief executive officer to enable him to serve as a senior executive of Insignia on a part-time basis.
Centro Maravilla Service Center 4716 Cesar Chavez Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90022
Insignia is also expected to enter into a real estate financing agreement anticipated to provide additional liquidity to Angeles and its affiliates over the next six to 12 months.
The Port of Los Angeles will seek additional grants and funding to assist with the completion of the project.
Los Angeles Philharmonic, ``Shostakovich Eleventh,'' Disney Hall, $15-$125; also Oct.
Under the terms of the agreement, the complex will include the Los Angeles Marriott Marquis, an 876-room property, which will serve as the headquarters hotel of The Los Angeles Convention Center, and The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles, a 124-room boutique hotel.
The 36th annual awards ceremony brought together world renowned architects, contractors and developers to acknowledge and celebrate the most laudable new projects in Los Angeles County.
Those first settlers included people of African, Filipino, mestizo and European descent, a diversity not unlike the citizens of Los Angeles today, said Los Angeles City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa, who hosted the birthday celebration at the end of the walk.
Both projects will feature true skyline penthouses, like none other on the West Coast and almost unique to the world, with breathtaking views including mountains, ocean and the entire Los Angeles basin.
Los Angeles officials are trying to find a place to get rid of 4,700 tons of trash daily - trash from all the city's single-family homes - which now goes to Sunshine Canyon Landfill off Interstate 5 north of Foothill Boulevard.
The combined "late week" package will be produced by the Los Angeles Times at its printing, production, packaging and distribution center in Irwindale, Calif.
Los Angeles served as host city for what are considered the two most successful Olympic Games in history in 1932 and 1984.
It is crucial for the Port of Los Angeles to maintain good and productive relationships with our trading partners in the Pacific Rim," said Commissioner Kim.
A strong legal argument can be made that the name of the city of Los Angeles - even worse its formal name, ``The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Little Portion'' - violates the constitutional requirement for separation of church and state.