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a light sponge cake made without egg yolks

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The researchers found that modifying the mixing conditions for pasteurized egg white can result in high-quality angel food cake, thus overcoming an objection by many to using safer pasteurized shell eggs.
Project Angel Food's mission is to feed and nourish the sick as they battle critical illness.
Dessert was Concord grape sorbet and angel food cake.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Maimon's Baking Ltd., Poliva Ltd., Hanamal LTD, General Mills, Inc., Angel Food Bakery, Osem Investments Ltd., MishkeiHarei Yehuda, Unilever PLC, Post Holdings, Inc, The Kellogg Company, Cereal Partners Worldwide S.A., Monday Ltd, Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd, PepsiCo, Inc., Danshar Ltd, Nestle S.A., ELBISCO HOLDING S.A., Strauss Group Ltd., Abadi Bakery Ltd, Campbell Soup Company, Rokachman Ltd, Carmit Candy Industries Ltd, Barilla S.p.A.
A cook leaves out the sugar and gets an adobe brick instead of an angel food cake.
Spoon over biscuits or angel food cake and top with whipped cream.
Paul's Foundation for International Reconciliation, Pearl Heart Foundation, Vietnamese American Cancer Society, Project Angel Food and Corazon de Vida.
The flavors of Paris fill chapters that cover such dishes as Ladyfinger Sponge Cake, English Trifle, Confetti Angel Food Cake, and more.
Healthy desserts include angel food cake, ginger snaps, animal crackers, hard candy, popsicles, and low-fat/nonfat frozen yogurt.
Project Angel Food will celebrate its 25th anniversary by honoring Aileen Getty with the inaugural Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award.
Tastes are evoked vividly through various musical devices (for example, harmonic minor seconds for sour lemons and high, dreamy sounds with sustained pedaling for fluffy angel food cake).
Sweeter demi-sec champagnes work best for desserts, specifically berries, angel food cake and lemon tart.
One case in point is Sara Lee's recently introduced angel food cake, which exemplifies interest in favorite flavors that fit today's diets.
Mary's first technical is for Angel Food Cake and the showstopper explores all things chocolate.