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Synonyms for angelfish

a butterfly fish of the genus Pomacanthus

deep-bodied disk-shaped food fish of warmer western Atlantic coastal waters

sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do

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Effect of differentfeed types on growth and feed conversation ratio of Angel fish (Pterophyllum scalare Lichtenstein, 1823).
There are 14 bright, vibrant designs to choose from - dolphin, dragon, horse, kitten, cockatoo, angel fish, parrot, owl, spaniel, rabbit, unicorn, tiger cub, ducks and teddy bear.
Turtles, angel fish, lagoons, beautiful beaches - you'll find them all in the Maldives.
Before my father became estranged, there was a fish tank in the living room and if one angel fish inside it became diseased, the others would push it to the surface of the water, like aquatic undertakers.
And she's always pretending to be Dory the angel fish.
Last time I went I saw turtles swimming - which is very unusual - as well as moray eels, parrot fish and angel fish.
Morrocoy, a National Park four hours east of Caracas, is also a popular choice, with colourful fish such as parrotfish, barracuda and angel fish.
Three years on the wreck is very much an extension of the natural reef and attracts marine life including Moray Eels, Queen Angel Fish, French Angel Fish and large Jew Fish.
The crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean revealed a shoal of enormous barracudas, canary-yellow angel fish, zebra-striped fish, big fat fish that defied description and the most amazing coral and underwater plants.
A large, unlit fish tank held a lone, possibly lonely angel fish.
As she travels we are introduced to all that she sees -- the whale shark basking in the lagoon pass, the living coral reefs and their "cleaning stations," and the exquisite angel fish -- to name just a few of the myriad of sea creatures who inhabit this delicately balanced environment.
monkfish (5,871 tons), kingklip (1,956), angel fish (770) and sole (739).
In the park's surrounding seas are the great clam, clown fish, angel fish, parrot fish, mudskippers which can climb trees and archer fish which spit water up a height of more than two meters to catch insects.
With the conservation program in place, the sanctuary now has a thriving fish population of groupers, fusiliers, snappers, surgeonfish, sweet lips, rabbitfish, jacks, parrotfish, butterfly and angel fish, giant clams, sea cucumbers and lobsters.