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a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa

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Dominante at punong-puno ng angas (That's the Pacquiao that I liked the most - truly dominant)," said Fernandez.
Businessman G F Angas, with whom Forster had been associated in the Northumberland Sunday Schools Society, employed him as his agent and attorney in South Australia.
Top marks for clarity, however, went to Glenville Hargreaves and Richard Angas. Angas seemed a bit po-faced at times, but Hargreaves relished the comedy beautifully, especially in an updated version of Ko-Ko's Little List song, with its hilarious references to emailers, phone queuing and, best of all, 'George Bush's poodle Tony Blair.'
Opera singer Richard Angas is back in Newcastle next week, a city with which his family has long-held connections.
Angas Hopkins* Nahrel Dallywater* Andrew Higham* Jeff Richardson* Irina Cattalini
The 19th century, bound volume of George French Angas' 'New Zealanders Illustrated' was sold for a record NZD45,000 (GBP15,921.57) at auction in Auckland, New Zealand during a sale which also included Antarctic exploration memorabilia.
St Aloysius College, Angas Street, Adelaide, gave Mary Tenison Woods and other noted alumni their high school education.
Traditionally, the eight "angas" (stages) of yoga were viewed by scholars as sequential stages of development.
The "Angas ng Tondo" averaged 25 points, 3.5 assists, 3.5 steals and 2.5 rebounds to grab the Cignal-PBA Press Corps Player of the Week for the period of Sept.
Eto (degree holders) pagpasok pa lang may angas na eh, 'di mo na mautusan eh, wala pang napo-prove ganun na kataas ang ego eh,' he added.
The meat, derived from the mid-sized, underappreciated but definitely tasty indigenous cow commonly called 'bakang Batangas,' or Batangas beef, is now being labeled and marketed as 'Angas Beef' by Magsasaka Inc., the group behind the livestock-engineering breakthrough.
Mayor Ramdatu Angas of Sultan sa Barongis led the ceremonial turnover of 20 guns to the First Mechanized Infantry Brigade on Wednesday.
The most colourful characters, though, were Richard Angas as bumbling Don Basilio and Eric Roberts, a fine comic singer-actor, as Bartolo.
George Fife Angas was one of the most important people associated with the foundation of south Australia, and a life-long supporter of the colony.