Angara River

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a river in southeastern Siberia that flows northwest from Lake Baikal to become a tributary of the Yenisei River

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Once, during the 1985--1988 partial alcohol prohibition in Russia, we drank eau-de-Cologne with forestry workers in the taiga forest, on the bank of the mighty Angara River in Siberia.
Other districts and territories where opisthorchiasis is endemic include the Yekaterinburg (formally Sverdlovsk) District (13), Altai territory, Voronezh District (14), Volga River valley (15) and Archangelsk District in western Russia, and the Angara River (16), Krasnoyarsk territory, and Irkutsk District in eastern Siberia (2).
The Angara River headwaters have evidence of the Neolithic, starting at c.
According to the Russian State National Committee on Ecology, most of the mercury was released directly into the Angara River and traveled several miles downstream where it now lies concentrated in the sediments of the huge Bratsk Reservoir.
The shimmering sapphire waters of the Angara river on a sunny day contrasted sharply with the grey, grime-laden streets on a dull day.