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a river in southeastern Siberia that flows northwest from Lake Baikal to become a tributary of the Yenisei River

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Kung constipated ang drug distribution system, then what is the laxative?' Angara said of the DOH officials.
"...Our beloved lolos, lolas, titos, titas and for some, parents too, will now have a national government agency dedicated to their needs and concerns," Angara said in a statement.
In a news statement, Angara said that 'all a student has to do is to present a valid school ID, or his or her current validated enrollment forms to avail of the fare discount.'
Sonny Angara entered into that covenant three times.
The younger Angara said in his Facebook post, that his father passed away at the age of 83.
Special occasions call for special choices, just so that you have more to choose from, Angara has introduced a wider collection of jewelry in semi-precious stones like Peridot, Tourmaline, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Opals and more to make your shopping experience more pocket-friendly.
Angara A5 can be placed into orbit with a payload of 1.5 to 35 tons.
The Angara family of rockets, in development since 1995, is planned to be built in light, semi-heavy and heavy versions to lift a variety of payloads between two and 40 metric tons into low earth orbit.
"Application developers and database administrators can greatly benefit from our main-memory RDBMS solution, which is designed to meet the requirements of electronic commerce and other performance-critical database applications," said Eric Ver Ploeg, CEO of Angara. "Angara has not only overcome performance challenges associated with traditional disk-based systems, but also provides a solution that is easy to implement and administer."
Defeated Philippine vice presidential candidate and former Senator Edgardo Angara was sworn in Tuesday as secretary of the Department of Agriculture, replacing Acting Agriculture Secretary William Dar.
Senator Sonny Angara on Tuesday said the anti-red tape performance of government agencies will now be part of the review for their 2020 appropriations.
President Rodrigo Duterte's fourth State of the Nation Address (Sona) is 'notable' because it is 'less peppered with colorful words,' Senator Sonny Angara said Tuesday.
Juan Edgardo 'Sonny' Angara noted more than half of the country's senior citizens do not receive any form of pension, a reality he said is sad but not hopeless.