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a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa

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A few years ago, ANGA was touting gas as a fuel "twice as clean as coal," based on the fact that gas-fired power plants' carbon emissions per kilowatt-hour are about 55% those of coal-fired plants.
Los ultimos objetos de los Anga no son ni comunes ni cotidianos, ya que se trata de objetos sagrados utilizados en los ritos de iniciacion que definen la identidad tribal.
Watch for more information about the ANGA Collegiate Energy Challenge at UT Arlington throughout this fall term.
But the API and ANGA joint study suggests these new regulations overestimate emission levels and underestimate the costs to the industry of implementing the EPA rules, said Feldman.
For more information about the ARRIS demos at ANGA, please visit http://www.
She lost control of the bike in steep terrain near Te Anga, which is about 30km from the caves.
consultants (from left) Paul Dodson, Anga Arunkalaivanan, Jon Raphael, Paul Giles and Sanju George have impressed the judges.
Because of its cold and humid climate and of tribal warfare, Mount Kaindi had not been permanently settled in pre-contact times, although the Anga and Biangai peoples of the neighbouring Upper Watut and Wau-Bulolo Valleys visited it regularly for hunting, gathering, trade, and ritual purposes (Gressitt & Nadkarni 1978; Tjamei 1994; Lowenstein 1982; Plane 1967).
Viy[bar{a}]hapannatti (Bhagavai), The Fifth Anga of the Jaina Canon: Introduction, Critical Analysis, Commentary, and Indexes.
Le domaine de la comparaison recouvre l'ensemble des cultures de << l'ethnie anga >>, d'environ 70 000 personnes reparties en 12 groupes linguistiques, dont le territoire se situe a la rencontre des Eastern Highlands, du Gulf et du Morobe en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinee.
In 1993, ANGA, the Egyptian Anti-Narcotics General Administration seized 191 kilos of heroin, almost four times as much as was seized in 1992, indicating that either ANGA had a bumper year or the problem is worse than anyone cares to admit.
Similarly, electricity supply from Anga and Peel feeders from 66-kV Naushehra Grid Station will remain suspended from 9:30am to 11:30am and Kathoai, SJ Sodiwal/Army Express and Naushehra feeders from 66-KV Naushehra Grid Station will observe load shedding from 12:30pm to 2:30pm on April 25.
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was born on November 20, 1916 in Anga, district Khushab.