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a cardiovascular disease characterized by a saclike widening of an artery resulting from weakening of the artery wall

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Vascular surgeons will very likely encounter only a handful 2 of these aneurysms in their professional life.
Such structure may explain the tendency to intensify the development of aneurysms in the abdominal aorta.
Patients having thoracic aortic aneurysms are usually asymptomatic.
We report the experience of the senior author (AN) with surgical clipping of MCA aneurysms and compare the outcome with the outcomes following endovascular treatment as published in literature.
We are extremely fortunate to have a renowned medical expert join us to share his knowledge about aneurysms at our upcoming meeting at St.
Aneurysms originating in the PCA have particularities which distinguish them from aneurysms in other intracranial circulation vessels (1).
10) True venous aneurysms are rarely encountered compared to arterial aneurysm, as well as can affect any veins including intracranial, cervical, thoracic, visceral, and upper and lower extremity veins; however, venous aneurysms of the neck are rare due to low pressure in the vena cava system.
2,3,6 In early studies, stumps in the posterior circulation were often misinterpreted by neuro- surgeons as aneurysms on the basis of the imaging findings.
The causes of brain aneurysm are still unknown, but it has been determined that the following risk factors could contribute to weakness in the artery wall and increase the risk of a brain aneurysm or aneurysm rupture: smoking, high blood pressure, drug abuse (particularly cocaine), heavy alcohol consumption, family history of brain aneurysm, over 40 years old, gender (women have an increased incidence of aneurysms, at a ratio of 3:2); traumatic head injury, tumors and inborn abnormality in the artery wall.
Aneurysms of blood vessels at the base of the brain are pathological focal outpouchings, usually found at the branching points of the arteries.
sup][1] Endovascular coiling thus provides a promising alternative approach to treat proximal LSA aneurysms.
Isolated Iliac artery aneurysms are rare at < 1%.
Danger signs Aneurysms that cause pain or tenderness are more prone to rupture, as are larger aneurysms or those that are expanding rapidly.
Aneurysms of the SVC are rare with approximately 36 cases reported at the time of this literature review [1].