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a locomotor response toward or away from an external stimulus by a motile (and usually simple) organism

the surgical procedure of manually restoring a displaced body part

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Anemotaxis should be activated only when a high concentration is detected, thus only the wind from the source direc tion is considered to exist.
In addition, the direction and strength of wind and water currents provide secondary cues needed by some organisms to orient to odor plumes (i.e., via rheotaxis or anemotaxis) (Mathewson and Hodgson 1972, Prokopy 1986, Zimmer-Faust et al.
Anemotaxis theory describes moth behavior in the presence of a pheromone plume and includes 3 components: upwind, zigzagging, and sideways casting behaviors.
Pheromone-mediated optomotor anemotaxis and altitude control exhibited by male oriental fruit moths in the field.