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Anemonefish that were originally transported to Auburn in 2006 from a culture facility at oceans, reefs and aquariums (ORA, Florida, USA) were observed in laboratory aquaria to which mirrors had been added.
In June 2009, 21 anemonefish on the coral reef adjacent to the Marine Science Station at Aqaba, Jordan (N 29 31', E 35 0') were selected.
During June 2009, the body sizes of two-band anemonefish A bicinctus on a coral reef adjacent to the Marine Science Station at Aqaba, Jordan (N 29 31', E 35 0') was measured.
Anemonefish FL did not differ significantly among the three laboratory measurement methods (manual, video-mirror and Tps-mirror (ANOVA, F(2,81) = 0.
Anemonefish FL did not differ significantly among the three field measurement methods tested (visual estimation, video-mirror and Tps-mirror (ANOVA, F(2,60) = 1.
To find the answer, researchers have focused on anemonefish, which are among anemones' most brilliant and colorful guests.
You cannot say something general about anemonefish," says biologist Joel Elliott of Queen's University in Ontario, Canada.
Only 10 of the approximately 800 anemone species in the world's oceans are known to host anemonefish, but those 10 species apparently receive many benefits from their guests, such as the removal of parasites.
If anemonefish are not present, anemones can be killed or badly damaged by predators," comments biologist Elliott, who has studied the fish extensively in Australia's Great Barrier Reef and in Papua New Guinea.
Then the team put one group of anemonefish in a tank with the fake anemone and another group of the same species of fish in a tank with the real anemone.
In this regard, it is instructive to consider that the only species not to show variation at the local level was the anemonefish, Amphiprion melanopus.
In addition, strong color differences were detected suggesting that, despite the size of Australia as a target, 1000 km of open water has presented the anemonefish with a dispersal barrier that is rarely crossed.
Morphological and genetic variation in Japanese populations of the anemonefish Amphiprion clarkii.
Knowledge of the reproductive biology of sea anemones that host anemonefish not only provides important information on the processes that serve to maintain and renew populations of these species, but also has important implications for anemonefish populations that depend on their hosts for survival.
Broadcast spawning of two species of sea anemones, Entacmaea quadricolor and Heteractis crispa, that host anemonefish.