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a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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Wind gusts as intense as 145 mph were measured by a DOW-mounted anemometer 350 m downstream from these lofted vehicles.
He was looking upwards, inspecting the anemometers which stood between two large white telescopic domes.
Inspired by more expensive professional anemometers that often have a three-cup design, the original Mjolnir (still in the product line) uses two rotating measuring cups with magnets built in the hub.
Performance Comparison Tests of Commonly Used Anemometers and Flowmeters
Data from three-dimensional sonic anemometers were used with the following to calculate the wind speed U:
There are exactly many researches on discharge or plasma anemometers for decades; here, only three typical anemometers based on gas discharge are introduced as follows.
This new slope, [A.sub.r], is the result of multiplying calibration constant A by the number of pulses per turn, [N.sub.p], given by the anemometer. (The Climatronics 100075 and Ornytion 107A anemometers give 30 and 2 pulses per turn, respectively [20].) Finally, the coefficients d[A.sub.r]/d[R.sub.rc], dB/d[R.sub.rc], [A.sub.r0], and [B.sub.0], (slope and offset) of the linear fittings with regard to the calibration coefficients, [A.sub.r] and B, as a function of the cup center rotation radius, [R.sub.rc]
(Note: It is highly unlikely that any VAV box sensor, from any manufacturer, is accurate to 5% of reading at minimum flow!) My advice, which I have presented at a number of NEBB sessions in the past couple of years, is to compare the VAV box sensor reading to the carefully aligned anemometer sensor readings from all the diffusers attached to that VAV terminal and then determine an "effective" [A.sub.k] for that sensor and that type diffuser.
Anemometers complying with IEC 61400 should be used after they are calibrated by an accrediting body (member of MEASNET); calibration should be done based on ISO-3966 1977 standards.
Meteorological towers (or "met towers") often have anemometers affixed at multiple places on the tower, allowing meteorologists to measure wind speed and direction at various heights (see Figure 2).
After your students finish constructing the anemometers, take them to three different locations to measure wind speed.
Reed has a broad range of quality products from digital multimeters and clamp meters to thermo anemometers and is know for quality and reliability.
Point-wise measurement techniques, such as Pitot tubes, thermal anemometers, and laser Doppler velocimetry, can be used to obtain the velocity information at the point of the probe.