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Thus Aneirin's ~we drank bright mead (ved gloyw) by the light of tapers; though its taste was good, its bitterness was long-lasting'.(13)
"Mae'r rhaglen yn gyflwyniad i'r Eisteddfod trwy lygaid bardd," esboniodd Aneirin. "Mae'n ddeialog mewn ffordd, rhwng Cymru a Llydaw.
Edmygydd mawr: Yr actor Aneirin Hughes sydd yn portreadu Gwynfor Evans (mewnsodiad) yn nrama ddogfen rymus ar S4C
Aneirin, who looks much younger, is frank about his short operatic career.
Aneirin, who has a Breton mother and Welsh father, is fluent in both Welsh and Breton.
Aneirin said: "From the first reading, Gwynfor's work grabs your attention through his ability to skilfully portray and describe in the free meter.
"I studied music at university," says baritone Aneirin, "but now singing is just a hobby.
During the event, entertainment will be provided by rapper and former Children's Poet of Wales Aneirin Karadog, as well as Zimbabwean singers Zim Voices and poet Eric Charles.
Mae'r rhaglen, a ysgrifennwyd gan yr Archdderwydd T James Jones a'i chynhyrchu gan gwmni Apollo, yn ail-greu blwyddyn dyngedfennol ym mywyd Gwynfor Evans, gyda'r actor Aneirin Hughes yn portreadu'r gwleidydd.
And wheeler and dealer Tony (Aneirin Hughes) and girlfriend Meg (Maria Pride) live a pretty seedy existence - could they be killers?
If he had existed in the sixth century, Aneirin, from the north, would have written in the language of the "Old North" of England and southern Scotland, which was "Old Brythonic", or "Cumbric Brittonic", perhaps similar to, but certainly not Welsh.
Nest Aneirin will give a short concert at about 3pm as part of the Heritage Open Day celebration.
Youngsters from Llandaff's Ysgol Pencae, Fair-field Primary School in Penarth and Severn Primary School, in Canton, have participated in poetry workshops and performances organised and delivered by Chapter arts centre and Literature Wales, working with acclaimed poets Aneirin Karadog and Mab Jones.
Produced by Apollo, it recreates a critical year in his life, with actor Aneirin Hughes in the title role.
The main character, Ellis Thomas, a successful businessman in his 40s, is played by Aneirin Hughes.