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Mae'r actor 54 oed, Aneirin Hughes, sy'n wreiddiol o Benbontrhydybeddau, Ceredigion, yn edmygydd mawr o Gwynfor.
On Monday night Aneirin, who lives with his wife and two children near Carmarthen, stars in a gritty BBC2 drama that could send his career in an entirely new direction.
Ffigwr cryf a phwysig yn yr ail gyfres yw rheolwr llym Mathias, y Prif Uwch-arolygydd Brian Prosser, a gaiff ei bortreadu gan Aneirin Hughes.
Richard enjoyed working with Aneirin, and developing the relationship between the two characters.
Aneirin offered Anni some advice: "Make sure the children enjoy and make sure it doesn't feel like work, the time will fly.
Mae'r actor 54 oed, Aneirin Hughes, sy'n wreiddiol o Benybontrhydybeddau, Ceredigion, yn "edmygydd mawr" o Gwynfor.
Until two years ago, Aneirin Hughes waved about nothing more menacing than a conductor's baton.
Performed in Welsh and English, Welsh Gold features the work of a number of Wales' most established writers through the years, including Taliesin, Aneirin, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Dannie Abse, Tiffany Atkinson, Gillian Clarke and WH Davies.
Produced by Apollo, it recreates a critical year in his life, with actor Aneirin Hughes in the title role.
The main character, Ellis Thomas, a successful businessman in his 40s, is played by Aneirin Hughes.
Aneirin Karadog / Eurig Salisbury - St David's Hall, Cardiff, April 12 at 3pm The Children's Poet Laureate of Wales (Bardd Plant Cymru) Aneirin Karadog's first collection of poetry, O Annwn i Geltia (Barddas) was shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year in 2013, and the multilingual and multitalented Aneirin is known to TV viewers and music fans.
The docu-drama, starring Nicholas McGaughey as Evans and Aneirin Hughes as Scott, shows how the unlikely pair became firm friends when they met on the HMS Majestic in the early part of the 20th Century.
Before beginning her two years in office Anni will embark on a poetry apprenticeship with the current Children's Poet, Aneirin Karadog, in various festivals over the summer before fully taking on the role in September.
Ac yn ymuno a Richard Harrington wrth i Y Gwyll ddychwelyd i'r sgrin, mae cast y gyfres gyntaf: Mali Harries, yn rhan DI Mared Rhys; Alex Harries fel DC Lloyd Ellis; Hannah Daniel fel DS Sian Owens; ac Aneirin Hughes fel y Prif Uwch-arolygydd Prosser.
The festival will also features appearances by Cathy Cassidy, Jim Smith, Jeremy Strong, Barry Cunningham, Aneirin Karadog and Dan Anthony.