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If we conclude that SEKI-20167 has a connection at least at the proximal end, then the vertebra does not belong to Ensatina, Hydromantes, or some species of Aneides or Plethodon.
There is no alar expansion to the transverse processes on SEKI-20167, as is found on Aneides lugubris (arboreal salamander), A.
The conclusion that the diapophysis and parapophysis processes are joining implies that SEKI-20167 could belong to Aneides ferreus/vagrans or some species within Plethodon.
The diapophysis and parapophysis are connected to the tip, indicating that SEKI-20166 does not belong to Ensatina, Aneides ferreus/vagrans, Hydromantes, or some species of Plethodon.
There is no alar expansion, indicating SEKI-20165 is not Aneides lugubris or A.
Because of the present taxa in the area, we wonder what environment and climate is needed to allow Aneides ferreus/vagrans and at least one Plethodon species to inhabit the presently somewhat marginal mesic-arid habitat adjacent to Bear Den Cave.
Aneides ferreus/vagrans are closely associated with wood decay of Douglas-fir forests (Lowe 1950; Leonard et al.
It is apparent from the report here that Aneides ferreus/vagrans were still present in the southern Sierra Nevada until the mid-Holocene.
The early Holocene presence of Aneides and Plethodon in the Sierra Nevada, and subsequent mid-late Holocene disappearance are not easily understood.
shastae (2); Aneides ferreus (1) [based on locality]; A.
The systematic status of the salamander Plethodon hardii, with a discussion of biogeographical problems in Aneides.
Based on the present distribution of salamanders along the immediate mainland, we are not surprised that the Northern Channel Islands today are inhabited by Batrachoseps and Aneides, and would expect Ensatina to be found in the recent past.