anechoic chamber

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a chamber having very little reverberation

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The observation point for measurement of the sound pressure in the anechoic room was a position 0.8 m in front of the loudspeaker, on its central axis.
The measured antenna patterns using a GTEM cell are compared with results obtained using an anechoic room. The effectiveness and limitation of antenna measurements using a GTEM cell are discussed.
(Dare I repeat the joke of the former speaker-engineer colleague who said I was "out standing in my field?") The load on the speaker outside is half-anechoic, an anechoic room, if you will, i.e., one with a real floor but no walls or ceiling.
This effort was in response to the fully anechoic room (FAR) proposal that is currently being considered by the European Community (CENELEC & IEC).
Inside, the building contains two reverberation chambers for sound absorption studies; an anechoic room (a room without echo); two adjacent test rooms for wall panel transmission studies; a special 2-room configuration for ceiling sound transmission studies; a test room for measuring sound attenuation in open plan spaces; and a sound source area for floor panel transmission studies.
In an isotropic environment, the EUT does not have to be repositioned along each of the three axes as is the case with SAC or fully anechoic room (FAR) testing.